Farmers' warning as chicken feed price doubles

The UK could face an egg shortage if retailers do not start paying more, farmers have warned.


Egg shortage: Farmers' warning as chicken feed price doubles - BBC News


Wheat, a slot key ingredient in chicken feed, has almost doubled in price because Russia and Ukraine produce about 30% of the global supply.Farmers are calling for a 40p increase in the cost of a dozen eggs to meet the rising costs.

"We're going to have a desperate egg shortage by Christmas if things don't change," said farmer David Sharples.Mr Sharples, who farms in Denbighshire, said rising feed cost meant there was little to no profit margin for farmers.

'It's like going up against a brick wall'

"Our feed has really gone up in price nearly 50%, and feed constitutes about 60-70% of the egg production costs," said Mr Sharples, who owns Clyttir Farm in Llanbedr DC, Ruthin.

He said UK retailers were giving nothing back to farmers, and the only thing they understood would be a "food shortage".