How to Recognize and Repair a Damaged Skin Barrier

Have you recently experienced skin issues?


The issue could be a broken skin barrier, and if that's the case, one will need to fix it before one can notice significant improvement. So what exactly does that mean? What exactly is the skin barrier? How will one know if it is broken? And, if it is injured, what steps can one take to cure the damage and restore their skin's health?

See what one needs to know about the skin barrier, the damage indicators, and how to repair it.

So, What Exactly Is A Skin Barrier?

While the term "skin barrier" sounds like something one might apply to or wrap around their skin to protect it, it is actually a natural layer of the skin itself. The skin is a vast and adaptable organ that strives to protect itself, as well as the organs beneath it, from danger and damage. This layer assists it in doing so. The skin barrier is made up of corneocytes, which are skin cells loaded with keratin and moisturizers and kept together by lipids.

This layer not only keeps viruses and poisons out of the skin, but it also keeps moisture in, keeping the body's water from evaporating. In a nutshell, it keeps one hydrated and healthy.

What Can Affect The Skin Barrier?

Now that one understands the importance of the skin barrier, one may wonder what could harm it. While the skin barrier is a wonderful feature of the skin, it is neither impermeable nor indestructible. A too-humid climate, exposure to irritants, pollutants, and allergens, sun exposure, harsh soaps and detergents, extreme steroid use, and different genetic variables are all causes that might disrupt the skin barrier.

A genetic tendency to psoriasis, for example, cannot be changed, and while one may be able to reduce exposure to sunlight or pollution, one may not be able to decrease it fully. This means that even if one exercises extreme caution, the skin barrier may be damaged. That is why one must understand what that damage looks like and how to repair it if it occurs.

How Can I Get Rid of My Skin Barrier?

To begin repairing the skin barrier, examine the current practice. The skin may require rest. Take, for example, cleansing. Of course, cleansing the skin is essential! Nevertheless, cleansers are also drying. Have oily skin by nature? If that's the case, cleansing twice a day is usually a good idea. But if the skin feels normal or dry, using a cleanser twice a day may be excessive. Instead, cleanse only at night and only splash water on it in the morning. However, if one is cleansing the face with very hot water, it might be better off switching to lukewarm water.

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