Buy Verified Binance Account

Coinbase and Binance is very easy and 100% secure using the policy. For these two reasons both are the closest competitors of the money exchange with a huge number of valuable listeners.

Buy Verified Binance Account
Also, to clarify, Binance is not banned in the US Binance, like any other regulated exchange without a license to trade in the USA, blocks US citizens from buying crypto on their site. A recent report from blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis said Binance was a top destination for illicit cryptocurrency in 2019.

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. You can either purchase coins off of the website and sell coins on the website, or buy coins with crypto you already have. Buy Verified Binance Account

You can’t buy directly from Binance with USD. You can use many different exchanges to buy your Bitcoin or Ethereum. Such as coinbase. Being an aussie, I use Coinjar. You can also send from your personal BTC/ETH wallet to Binance. You don’t have to use Coinbase or GDAX (owned by Coinbase). Buy Verified Binance Account

Not sure what the other member meant by strictly U.S.. Because they are based in Hong Kong and are about to move to Malta.
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Is Binance or Coinbase better?
On wire transfers, Binance does a bit better, with no charge for wire deposits and a $15 withdrawal fee for domestic wires. For its part, Coinbase charges $10 for wire deposits into its accounts and $25 for wire withdrawals. Advantage: Binance offers a better fee structure here, both for ACH fees and even wire fees. Buy Verified Binance Account

Why do I need to verify my Binance Account from time to time?
Binance requires all users to complete Identity Verification to increase their account security and to comply with countries’ regulations. Therefore, you might be asked to re-verify your Binance account from time to time. For example, we require existing users to perform Identity Verification again after we upgrade our compliance standards to be fully aligned with the latest EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives. Buy Verified Binance Account

Can I have 2 Binance accounts?
Binance does not allow multiple accounts for an individual, because KYC will fail if someone has multiple Binance accounts. Buy Verified Binance Account

You might try usglobalshop and add it to your portfolio in 2022. It’s also worth trying because it allows fans to have the “once in a lifetime” experience of holding unique NFT pieces curated by their favorite athletes. Buy Verified Binance Account

How do I get a verified Binance account in the US?
Option 1

You need to download the Binance App to complete the verification process on your phone. If you already installed the Binance App, open it and scan the QR code.
You will be redirected to the verification page. …
You will see the steps for the verification process. …
First, scan your ID document.\