Sustainability of packaging materials

Here’s an example from Everyday Wine, which uses corrugated boxes for its wine bottles.


By using recycled materials, you're able to conserve natural resources, reduce the amount of waste in landfills, and prevent pollution by limiting the need to collect raw materials. Sustainability of packaging materials

We can see recycled packaging in action at Handzy Shop + Studio, which uses noissue Recycled Mailers. Aside from being made from recycled plastics, they contain another adhesive strip so the mailers can be resued once more.

Corrugated packaging refers to box fibers made mainly from trees and old corrugated containers. According to, they can be used 7 to 10 times to make new packaging materials. In addition, "more corrugated packaging is recovered for recycling than any other packaging material."

Corrugated packaging is widely used in the industry, with numerous online merchants utilizing it to package and ship their products.