The Necessary Elements Of A Successful Dissertation: An Essential Checklist

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A dissertation, an extended piece of research-based writing that is generally required to be completed in order for a student to receive their doctoral degree, is the culminating assignment of such a program.

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Many find the process of constructing a dissertation to be rather intimidating, not understanding where to initiate. It necessitates an immense quantity of investigation, writing, and analytical capabilities, rendering it a significant undertaking.

It is likely your department has specifics for the organization of your dissertation. In case you are not sure, make sure to ask your supervisor for assistance.

Get The Most Out Of Best Dissertation Help With This Comprehensive Checklist

Title page of the dissertation

  • You must include the following information when submitting an assignment or project:
  • Your name
  • Your faculty/course name
  • The assigned/project title (if specified)
  • Your proposed title
  • Your supervisor’s name
  • Date of submission
  • If you are unsure about what is required, please check with your faculty.

The major text of your dissertation 

  • Does the title of your study provide an accurate description of its content?
  •  Have you specified the issue or problem you are addressing with sufficient detail?
  • Is it clear why you are conducting this research?
  • Are the objectives identified clearly and structured in a way that allows for resulting data to be measured?
  • Have you detailed the methodology used in the study so that someone else would be able to reproduce the results?
  • Do you have the resources necessary to complete the project?
  • Is the timeline for completion feasible?
  • Have you provided enough information in each section/chapter for your supervisor to understand where you are heading with the project?
  • Are all references present and formatted correctly?
  • Have you confirmed the length requirements?
  • Is the format compliant with any university-specific instructions (e.g. numbered sections/paragraphs)?

Uphold the required academic style

  • Does your title provide a clear indication of what your statement is about?
  • Are you sure that your text accurately reflects the issue at hand? 
  • Did you make sure to reach the required amount of words? 
  • Have you followed the format requested by your faculty (i.e. numbered sections/paragraphs)?

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