3 best VPN services for all occasions

3 best VPN services for all occasions


If you want to check out the TOP VPNs most downloaded in 2023, check out the rankings below. It will emphasize the pros and outline the range of cons of popular applications that have been noted by experts and ordinary users on the Internet.

The top three: we deal with the pros and cons

So, we hope that the review below will help you make the right choice and download any of the VPNs described below .  

  1. NordVPN.

The developers of this application have relied on increased security and anonymity of their users on the network. For this, their brainchild was awarded the first place. This VPN service is paid: the cost for using one month is $11.95, for a month when using for a year - $5.75, when buying an application for 3 years, the cost of one month will be $2.75. For those who want to try NordVPN's functionality, it's free for the first three days. A very advantageous offer, given that VPN operates in 62 countries, it costs quite acceptable for a service with such a level of reliability and guarantees you incognito mode, since no logs are kept, client actions are not monitored or recorded in any way. Cons may even seem insignificant to many, however, they are: NordVPN does not refund bitcoins or provide phone support. You can download NordVPN for Windows at https://install.download/windows/nordvpn

  1. ExpressVPN.

A distinctive feature of this service is a record-breaking connection speed. Although the degree of security and privacy in it is also at the highest level. And what is important for the lion's share of users - this VPN works in China! In applications, settings and connection are performed automatically - the user does not need to spend on performing these actions manually. Among the minuses, one can only single out the cost - it is really high when compared with competitors' products. For one month you will have to pay $12.95. But if you choose the service for annual use, the monthly fee will be $6.67.  

  1. Ivacy.

One of the cheapest and most understandable providers even for dummies. It offers decent speed, a wide range of servers and locations, handy apps that you can figure out even if you have no experience with other VPNs. However, a significant disadvantage of Ivacy is the recording of connection metadata. It has also experienced crashes on some mobile devices and occasional server shutdowns. The price for this VPN for a month of use is $8.95, and if you buy a package for 2 years, then the monthly cost will be $1.99.  

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of which VPN is better, since everyone will be guided by their own set of criteria when choosing a product. Those who want to buy the cheapest VPN without worrying about strict privacy can stop at Ivacy. If your top priority is security and high quality connections, choose NordVPN. ExpressVPN will be the choice of those who are going to use the service in China.