Duotrigordle - Guess 32 words at once

Duotrigordle - Guess 32 words at once


If you like Wordle and are looking for something a little more difficult, give the duotrigordle a try. You no longer have to guess at random to try to figure out a single word. Instead, you will have 37 chances to identify 32 different terms correctly. You can only type one word at a time, and there will be 32 different boards on the screen. To figure out the right words, you have to look at the boards one block at a time and use the different colored clues. Join duotrigordle and post videos of your best performances on the site so that other users can see them.

Explain how to play the card game duotrigordle.

The first step is to start typing the word with a randomly chosen first letter. At the very bottom is the keyboard for the grid. At the same time, each of these four words starts with the same letter.

After entering the first five numbers of the password, press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to move on. Keep writing words on the board until you've filled it up completely. When you give the right answers to all of the questions on the board, the puzzle will be solved for you, and you can move on to the next step duotrigordle game.
By looking at the color indicators, you should be able to tell how close you are to getting to the desired result. When you find all of the letters and put them on the tiles in the right order, the letters will turn green on the tiles. When yellow tiles are used, it means that the right letters were chosen, but they were put in the wrong places. The gray tiles don't have the letters that are needed to spell the word.
Fourth, scroll all the way down the page until you reach the bottom to see all 32 cubes. You will have 37 chances to get as many of the words on the list right as you can.