Enjoy life -- Life in Jesus Christ

Take it easy - Lifespan for Jesus Christ


How has life gone to you? Would you recommend your type of life to someone else? Life can actually be full of excitement if you have the right foundation. This article lets you know why life in Jesus Christ enables you to enjoy life.

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that assuming ye might have life through his name -- John 20: 31 (KJV) (Emphasis mine)

Life without Christ is a life with crisis. Life is more than ownership of wealth, position or power. Some people who have these and more are still miserable. Some of them even commit suicide. Yet in this life, there are some people who actually enjoy life. What is their secret? It is a life in Jesus Christ.

Having Jesus Christ as your Master and saviour is the better asset one can have in life. It is the right foundation to build on. It is ownership of Jesus as your Master, then other goodies that produce life enjoying.

What to enjoy in Christ?

1. Life of peace

Absolute peace can only be found in Jesus Christ. It is only when you have Jesus that you can be passing through challenges and still have peace. Presently the world is in chaos but believers are in peace. Their faith is in Jesus who takes care of them in every situation and has NEVER failed them.

2. Joy

Life in Jesus Christ is one full of joy that's not dependent on circumstances but on God's love and supremacy. That is, life bubbling with joy, come rain, come sunshine. To enjoy life is to be rejoicing all the time. This, you can achieve when you are in Christ.

3. Righteousness

Some people desire to live a life without sin but this goal has been far-fetched for them. They make New Year answers and don't succeed of them after a few years. Jesus Christ gives you the ability to overcome sin. It is practically impossible to live a righteous life without Christ.

4. Security

There is no complex in a life in Christ acim. A believer is secured in Christ. He knows who he is as a child of God. There is also no fear in a life in Jesus Christ. Low self-esteem causes individuals to do all types of things that will make them not to enjoy life.

5. Satisfaction

Godliness with satisfaction is great gain. Avarice is insatiable. It deprives people the ability to enjoy life. These people spend their time, energy, money, etc trying to satisfy their avarice, just to increase it the more. But in Christ you are content with every level per time and you will enjoy every step of the way.