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Importance Of Psychotherapy in treating Alcohol addiction Explains,  Bharat Sharma - A renowned Psychotherapist From Edmonton, Alberta

Anxiety Counselling Edmonton - We provide you effective Anxiety Therapy and Counselling Services with Support and Guidance. Find the Best anxiety therapist near you in Edmonton. Book a Session Now!

Edmonton. Alberta. 27 January 2023.

Bharat Sharma has once again been listed as one of the Top psychotherapists in

Edmonton, AB, is recognized for providing consistent, high-quality service in its area

of mental health, addiction, and relationship.

Even if you’re not an alcoholic, it is terrible to see someone you love being crushed under the hands of alcohol and not being able to quit it. Enough has been discussed of the negative impacts all through the years, and you may obviously be aware of it, so it is the right time to take steps to quit alcoholism.

Why Alcohol Counselling:

Alcohol counselling is a part of treating alcoholism. Alcohol will have traumatic and significant impacts on mental health. So when a person aiming to quit alcohol needs to, pt for alcohol counselling to quit it healthily.

Alcohol counselling will be provided by an addiction therapist, who will assist you in navigating the potential side effects of alcohol on your mental health.

  • Mental Support: Counselling will provide you with proper mental support and guidance to navigate mental issues and regain mental stability or balance. It speeds up the process without burdening you.


  • Find Out The Triggers: It enables the counsellor to figure out the triggers (hangovers, break-ups, etc.) that push them towards alcohol and create the best plan for them to stay away from drinks when they’re going through such situations.


  • Dig Out The Reasons: Counselling digs deep into the reasons, family background, etc, to take into account so as to provide the proper treatment based on the results.


  • Motivational Factor: It will keep the victim motivated and encouraged by eliminating the triggers and adopting a healthy lifestyle. This will build a positive attitude in the victim to lead a happy and stress-free life.


  • Lessen The Burden: Counselling enables the victims to open up their problems to the counsellor without worrying about being judged. As interactions are more important to overcome addiction, it could lessen the burden of the victims.

All you need to do is hire the best counsellor you are comfortable with, as your counsellor will travel with you throughout the healing journey. Moreover, only an experienced counsellor can give you the best to make you walk past the worst phase of your life. Bharat Sharma is a Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor in Addiction therapy Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (U.S.A DOT)  serving many people in and around Edmonton, AB.

Get To Know About Bharat Sharma, MPCC, RSW, CCAC, CCS, SAP, DCA

Bharat Sharma has been in this industry since 2012 and leads Edmonton Counselling Services. Apart from his experience in his industry, he has significant knowledge and training in conventional, complementary, and alternative medical systems. With his expertise and vast knowledge, he treats his clients from stress, depression, and relationship issues to make them lead the way better life.

He has been providing psychotherapy to individuals, families, and couples coping with issues like anxiety, stress, and addiction. The soundness of his service is that he combines compassion, understanding, and respect with his counselling. He employs the interactive approach; he asks many questions and encourages the clients to take challenging tasks to wear the issues down, accelerating the healing process.

He has accoladed many awards and recognitions for constantly providing a high-quality service to thousands of his clients in Edmonton. It is his fifth time being honored as one of the top three marriage therapists in Edmonton by ThreeBestRated®. He feels proud to receive this award as he has undergone a rigorous 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated®.

“I believe in a holistic method of therapy that heals the whole person” - Mind, Body, and Spirit” - says Bharat. It ensures his service provides a holistic healing/approach to his clients. Taking ample time to get to know the client’s various aspects like family background, past life, etc., understands their needs and tailors the treatment according to it. With this holistic approach, he takes pride in bringing well-being to his many clients’ lives.

He has assisted many people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol addiction, relationship /marital issues, grief and loss, premarital divorce issues, and anger. To get in touch with him, visit their website: