Municipal Corporations On The Path Of Progress By TDP

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Andhra Pradesh has 7 Municipal Corporations and 110 Municipalities. That is 117 municipal bodies. As per the 2001 census. The urban population of Andhra Pradesh is 2,05,03,597. It is 27.08 percent of the total population of the state. There are only 1,78,09,067 people in 117 Municipal Corporations. Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu is a visionary who's obsessed with effectiveness and technology. The TDP government had made significant development in the history of the state. The TDP Leaders who worked for the people and the limitations of the state government helped the state achieve numerous development programs. This led to numerous projects which allowed the state of Andhra Pradesh to be where it's now. The news on these municipal corporations and Municipalities is followed on TDP Live Updates.

According to Urban Vision-2020, by the year 2020, all the cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh will be well planned, financially supported, socially just, have a healthy environment, have a good culture, and live in a friendly environment. The financial condition of Municipal Corporations has deteriorated. and accounts over the years still need to be completed. The TDP Government had ruled the state for further than a decade under the presence of the founder NTR and is continued by Nara Chandrababu Naidu with a vision for the future of the state and made it possible for the future generations with the help of numerous Top TDP Leaders and Best TDP MLA Candidates.


In the past i.e. about five years ago 80% of the development works of the Municipal Corporations were unable to calculate at least the salaries of the staff on time and the financial condition of the Municipal Corporations deteriorated to such an extent that they could not pay the dues to AP Transco, electricity dues, HUDCO, LIC, etc. in crores and the accounts were not completed for years. But since the last five years i.e. from 1998-99, the improvement in the performance of the Municipal Corporations and the improvement in their financial condition can be identified due to the financial reform undertaken in the Municipal Corporations and due to the administrative changes undertaken to bring the administrative machinery closer to the people and the necessary measures to increase the working efficiency of the Municipal Corporation machinery. These are often considered TDP Contributions made by the government and it is said to be some of the Top TDP Achievements.