A Guide to Prostate Cancer - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Dr. Niren Rao is an expert Urology Doctor in Delhi and one of the best Prostate Cancer Specialists in Delhi.


If the cancer is not treated or diagnosed, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, if the body reflects any cancer symptoms, one should opt for prostate cancer treatment to get rid of this deadly disease. Dr. Niren Rao is an expert Urology Doctor in Delhi and one of the best Prostate Cancer Specialists in Delhi. With the blend of conventional robotic techniques and his skilled team, he ensures that his patient lives long and healthy life. To learn more about the various options to treat prostate cancer, book a consultation with Dr. Niren Rao at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice or Delhi Urology Hospital. Consult today!

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

According to diagnostic rates, prostate cancer is most often caused by advanced age, caused in males who have a family history of prostate, breast, ovarian, colon, or pancreatic cancer. It also appears due to poor lifestyle factors, such as smoking, being overweight, and poor nutrition. However, an unhealthy diet is linked to many health problems that can change the course of any illness, including prostate cancer.

How is Prostate Cancer Treated?

Various treatments are available for men with prostate cancer at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice, which might be used at different times depending on the cancer stage, the patient's age, and overall fitness level.

1. Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting
For some patients, prostate cancer grows very slowly due to the early stage and grade of the disease. For such cases, a urologist recommends either active surveillance or watchful waiting.

Active Surveillance: The patient is kept under observation, and the urologist indicates no treatment. Treatment is initiated if the test indicates that the tumour is growing at any stage. It may continue for years if the prostate risk does not increase, but one needs to follow a strict regime that includes a PSA test and digital rectal examination. This is done every 6 months.

Watchful Waiting: The doctor advises this when one may not be well enough to undergo surgery. Patients get treated when symptoms arise due to an enlarged prostate.

2. Prostate Cancer Surgery:

A surgical procedure called radical prostatectomy in Delhi involves the removal of the complete prostate gland at an early stage of prostate cancer. A surgeon may perform this surgery using minimally invasive methods and/or robotic assistance in addition to the traditional open approach, which can lead to a quicker recovery.

In this article, Dr. Niren Rao, an experienced urologist, discusses prostate cancer in detail. He is a renowned urologist who is known for performing effective Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi. Read on for more insights.