ShoreTel Engineer Responsibilities

To support ShoreTel Switches, Voicemail, IP Phones, Call Center and ShoreTel Communicator equipment


Mitel focuses on voice over IP (VOIP) solutions as their core business. Initially, ShoreTel Engineers were involved in the production of TDM PBX systems and the worldwide application of the voice over IP protocol.

Mitel’s most popular technology is called the Mitel VOIP 3300 series of controllers, which was initially introduced in the international market back in 2001.

ShoreTel Engineers, especially those involved with Mitel 3300 or 5000 series equipment, work on commercial applications relating to Voice over IP (VOIP), hosted PBX and UCaaS products, and they build, deploy and scale enterprise-wide communication systems.

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of ShoreTel Engineers is $89,179 per year in the United States. Freelance employment can also be an excellent option for experienced professionals, with many rewards that can boost your career in the Freelance Marketplace.

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