How to Fix a Black Screen on Your Laptop?

With the help of a few methods, users can fix the HP Pavilion Black Screen issue on your device


HP gave access to various versions of the Windows operating system. If the end user ever finds the black screen error on the device, it means that your device turns on but only the black screen is visible to the users. With the help of a few methods, users can fix the HP Pavilion Black Screen issue on your device

How to Fix Black Screen on HP Laptop Windows 10

Many of the users are willing to know how Black screen appears on the Laptop” or “ How to Fix the Black Screen on the Laptop”. In this, the HP laptop turns “ON”, but the Screen is black. It stays still for at least half an hour and does not allow users to move. Possible methods to fix this problem are as follows:

  • Disable App Readiness:

    It usually works for users to get rid of the black screen error. The instruction on how to do that are mentioned below:

  1. After waiting for half an hour, search for services and opt for the service manager,
  2. Right-click on App Readiness and select Properties, 
  3. Select Manual from the Startup type dropdown,
  4. Click on Apply Button followed by “OK”.
  5. Move to link, download, and Install the Image Enhancement for System Logon Software

Lastly, after installation of the software, restart your device.

  • Use HP Emergency BIOS Recovery Feature:

    Laptop Screen turning Black can be caused to users who have been updated with the newer version of BIOS. Luckily, HP devices keep a copy of the working BIOS for their users. Their users can roll back on the working BIOS easily. After that, your device will turn ON without any error.

  1. Power ON the device and connect it to a power adapter,
  2. Press and hold down the Windows + B on the keyboard and Press the Power key for a few seconds.
  3. The screen with go black for a few seconds but after that you” ll hear the sound of a beep.
  4. Now the users are redirected to the BIOS Screen, where the users can revert to the working BIOS Version.  

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