Medical Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits

Medical Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits Medical Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits


Medical Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits [Product name] Respiratory Syncytial Virus IgM Antibody Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold Method) [Packaging specifications] Aluminum foil bag single portion package: Card type: 1 person/bag, 1 person/box, 10 persons/box, 20 persons/box, 25 persons/box, 30 persons/box, 40 persons/box, 50 persons/box [Expected purpose] This product is used for in vitro qualitative detection of respiratory syncytial virus antibodies (IgM) in human serum or venous whole blood. [Inspection principle] This kit uses the principle of immunochromatography and capture to detect respiratory syncytial virus IgM antibodies in the specimen.On the nitrocellulose membrane, anti-human IgM antibody detection line was prepared, rabbit anti-RSV antigen polyclonal antibody control line was prepared, and colloidal gold labeled RSV-Ag was prepared as gold standard mat.When testing, if the sample contains RsV-Igm antibody, the RSV-Igm antibody in the sample can bind to the gold STANDARD RSV-Ag complex on the gold standard pad to form an immune complex, which moves along the membrane chromatography.The gold standard Ag (RSV)-IgM(RSV)-anti-human IgM antibody complex precipitate line was formed in the detection area, and the excess gold standard antigen and antibody in the control area formed the precipitate line, and were judged as positive.If the sample does not contain RSV-IgM antibody, only the precipitation line is formed in the control area, and the test is negative.Medical Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits website: