Exchange EDB Recovery Tool To Retrieve Mailbox Repair in Nashville From Offline/Corrupt Database

Exchange EDB Recovery Tool To Retrieve Mailbox Repair in Nashville From Offline/Corrupt Database

If Exchange Server environment is not working properly, then the probable reasons include database corruption, Server or hardware failure, issues with Operating System etc. In any of the scenario, what is important for the administrators is to bring back Server in working state as soon as possible and for that adopt the most appropriate Exchange EDB recovery strategy Mailbox Repair in Nashville .


Nevertheless, for successful recovery, it is important that extent of the problem is examined. Depending upon the requirement like need to restore a lost email or the entire Mailbox Repair in Nashville, different recovery strategies must be adopted. Likewise, the approach for corrupt EDB repair will differ for database restore from lost Server. Choosing the right recovery process is important because it will reduce the RTO and will avoid chances for unanticipated problems that could affect database.Brick Repair in Nashville



For Example: In case of Server failure, many organizations take the step to recover entire Server. Such practices can consume lot of time depending upon the size of database to bring Exchange Server into operational state. Before starting up Exchange EDB recovery, it is important to analyze which data is important and needs to be restored. If recovery storage group option is enabled, there is no need to restore the DB from tape backup.


What is the Actual Problem?


Mailbox Repair in Nashville Items Deleted: If any of the Exchange user account item is deleted, say any email, calendar entry, contacts etc, then it can be restored even if deleted permanently from Outlook Deleted items folder. There exists a possibility to get back deleted item from Exchange Server as after deletion the data resides on Server for 30 days that is its retention period.


However, if the data is deleted and has been removed from Server owning to the extended retention period, then the solution is to recover lost content from backup. Depending upon the amount of data lost and to be restored, single item recovery or complete mailbox can be restored from the backup. For a single item recovery, it is not necessary to restore full backup on the production Server.


Exchange Server Failure: If there is Server failure, it does not necessarily mean that there is need to restore data from the tape. In this case, the Server might be in un-operational state but the EDB, LOG and CHCK files are preserved safely on the disk and thus there is no point of using backup. Instead, the database should be moved to an operational Server from the EDB files.


Mailboxes are Inaccessible: Corruption of Exchange database is probable to occur; not because it is an unreliable system but because the DB demands regular maintenance. If the damaged databases are not looked after properly, it could result in inaccessibility over some portions of the mailbox. When it comes to Exchange EDB recovery, it is important to repair the corrupt database along with the practice of getting back the inaccessible data. This is because small portions of corrupt data can result in huge problems by damaging the DB.


In such situations, the most intelligent idea is to restore good data from the mailbox by moving the stores on different Server which will leave behind corrupt items. This way, workflow can be maintained with minimum downtime and RTO.


Exchange Server is Fine: Every error or Mailbox Repair in Nashville inaccessibility should not be considered as problem with the DB. It is possible that there is some problem with the default settings, issues with Active Directory, Domain Name System, Internet System Server etc. Check out the settings before directly jumping to conclusion that database is needed to be restored from backup or it is corrupt.


Note: If Exchange Server database.edb file is corrupt or Mailbox Repair in Nashville from disk are to be mounted to another Server, then the most convenient option available is a third party tool. Exchange Recovery software is the most trustable solution that could be adopted for retrieving mailboxes from EDB file and exports it to another Server or PST file.