Air Jordan 1 Low Also Released the To My First Coach Collection

Air Jordan 1 Low Also Released the To My First Coach Collection


Jordan Brand recalled the unforgettable characters in the athletes' lives-their first coaches in the brand new "To My First Coach" series of Air Jordan 1. The series is composed of Air Jordan 1 High Zoom CMFT and Air Jordan 1 Low. It pays tribute to coaches all over the world, with many special details. Each of this pair uses the same pastel accent palette, but a different color placement. AJ1 High Zoom CMFT chooses coral fenders with light blue heel and neck flaps, while AJ1 Low uses blue fenders and coral heel details. The former also chose a tailored Swoosh logo, while the latter provided a standard leather Swoosh logo. In addition to these differences, each supply uniform white leather back panel, forefoot cover and toe plus soft yellow eye mask CMFT has a high-cut exposed and separated blue flap mesh collar, and low-use tightly woven ballistic mesh collar and Simple tongue. The Air Jordan ball and wings logo appears on the neckline flap (CMFT) or heel (lower). Each pair of shoes has a special tag on one side that says "To my first coach" and the other side says "Thank you".

Nike D/MS/X subtag adds the last piece to Swoosh's NBA All-Star game themed product: D/MS/X twisted DNA. Joining Dunk High, Air Bubble 1 and Air Force Level 1 Reaction Level 8, D/MS/X Twisted DNA is a basketball talent and advanced casual shoe technician arrived due to the impact of the coronavirus, Hot Sale Jordans ,this game was postponed from Indianapolis Si moved to Atlanta, and in the days after the game, the twisted DNA appeared for the first time in black, white and "barely green" colors following the palette established by the above-mentioned compatriots. The characteristic of the upper is that the forefoot is made of black mesh, the midfoot/heel is made of soft neoprene material, and the color is "barely green". The synthetic black leather overlay on the heel and eyelet adds structure, and the entire combination is secured by a toggle shoelace system. A hidden half-foot inner lining can be adjusted with its accompanying shoulder strap, and an All-Star badge is placed on the tongue on the wall. However, there are many working parts in the upper part, and the most notable design of the twisted DNA is its large heel clip. This is made in silver TPU, which extends beyond the rear of the shoe and blends into its wavy lower half midsole. The midsole itself is made of soft white EVA foam. A "barely green" outsole with black details rounds up the appearance.

Nyjah Huston's Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 has undergone a series of interesting facelifts since its launch in June 2020, Cadysneaker including the color scheme inspired by Air Zoom Spiridon and his favorite professional basketball player LeBron James. Although in the first few months of the new year, the silhouette of skaters has been inactive, it hopes to speed up the pace and make a facelift by releasing a new "black/web". It's easy to change the darkest mode, and we've seen so far, these half-pipes are ready to kick the entire design in two-tone matte. The infrastructure, in which the breathable mesh layer of the mixed rubber covering layer in the midfoot, is submerged in "black", which makes its accent prominent. The "Internet" explosion then took over because of the Swoosh logo scattered on the side, the Nyjah letters on the tongue, the Nike SB brand on the insole and the "II" click on the high heels. More brands are in the form of the forefoot, the tiny split Swoosh logo and the lower heel, but these are presented in tones. Below, the rubber outsole is completely immersed in black.