Highest Credit Score Possible: Is it Achievable?

Everyone wants a high credit score, but do you know how your credit score goes from good to excellent?


A good credit score is a must to get most of the benefits. However, have you wondered what the highest credit score possible to get is? FICO and VantageScore have the best credit scoring models and the highest credit score range in both models. Keep reading to know what is the highest credit score possible.

However, you dont need the perfect score; a score of more than 760 will get you the finest interest rates.

Highest credit score possible:

The normal FICO range of credit score ranges from 300 to 850. Which makes 850 the highest credit score and 300 the lowest. However, as I told you before, the perfect score of 850 is optional and very hard to achieve. Just make sure your credit score is in a reasonable range. Now let's know credit score ranges to identify which score is good and which is terrible.

Credit Ranges:

Everyone wants a high credit score, but do you know how your credit score goes from good to excellent? As I told you, every credit scoring model has different ranges. In this one, we are going to use FICO for the ranges. The score starts from 300 and ends with 850, meaning 300 is the lowest and 850 is the best. If your credit score ranges from 300 to 579, you are in the poor range. If your score is 580 to 669, it is in the fair range. 670 to 739 comes in good, and 740 to 799 is very good. Finally, 800 to 850 comes in the exceptional. 

Advantages of high credit score:

Your high credits can give you lower insurance premiums.

You can also get low-interest rates on loans if you have a high credit score.

Your loan application will have a high chance of getting approval.

You can get more choices in housing.

How to get a high credit score:

A score above 800 is considered perfect. Here are some habits of people who have a credit score of over 800. So, you can implement these habits and increase your credit score.

The first habit you should implement is paying your bills on time. 95% of people with a credit score over 800 pay their bills on time. 

Dont use the entire available credit on your credit cards. Consumers with over 800 credit scores only use 7% of their credit. So, use as low as possible.

Dont overapply for credit checks. If you got a credit score, then applying in a short time can hurt your credit score.

And the last on the list is keeping your old accounts open for a minimum of 11 years. Make sure to use it; just leaving it open is not enough because inactivity can be a reason for your account getting closed. These advantages are enough to convince you to get a good score.


Finally, the highest credit score possible to get is 850. However, it is close to impossible to get the perfect score of 850. But by developing good habits, you can score over 800, which is enough to get all the benefits.