Newly Air Jordan 1 “Patina” Set to Arrive On March 13th

Newly Air Jordan 1 “Patina” Set to Arrive On March 13th


Interestingly, Nike SB Nyjah 2 initially stood out through its integration with other brands, Sneakerheads2020 complementing the iconic designs of many classic brands. But now, after the novelty disappears, we have begun to see the silhouette appear in its own color, and this upcoming interpretation of black and fluorescent colors is in it. Although nothing was too groundbreaking, the two effectively expanded the model's universal essentials series. Black shadows run through the entire building, colored mesh bottom and composite panels, supporting the top of the kit. Goggles, toe caps, mudguards, heel stabilizers, etc. are also dyed to match use, while Swoosh, "NYJAH" and Nike SB brands use "Volt" popularly.

Just released one of the most anticipated versions of this month-AJ1 "University Blue". This week's progress has slowed down, and almost no rookies made headlines. Thankfully, the Air Jordan 1 "Patina" broke the relatively slow news day, showing some of the most detailed pictures to date. The color scheme launched a few months ago was half inspired by traditional products on the surface. "Shadow" serves as a loose effect, imparting its dark gray shadow to the suede panel on the heel counter and ankle flap. Elsewhere, toe caps, eye pads and Swoosh logos dramatically subvert this association, and their surfaces are darkened with a bronze-dominated "patina". Then, black decorates the leather base, nylon tongue and standard flat shoelaces to make the scheme more perfect. More importantly, the brand has adopted a retro and quirky look that looks far more quirky than before; instead of adopting a standard leather label, the green "Nike Air" logo is framed by matching serrated stitching.

When it comes to giving new life to the triple white outline, Buy Jordan Soles seems to do it effortlessly, as they continue to provide Air Force 1 shades in new colors. Whether this means adding animal prints or applying the concept of color matching to pure white, Swoosh's creativity has produced diversified arrangements that will inevitably attract the brand's equally diverse female audience. Adding to the series is a pair of spring preparation propositions suitable for fans looking forward to refreshing their sneaker rotation. In order to add a bit of fun to the white pebbled leather upper, this Air Force 1 Shadow uses a lemon yellow hue. The Swoosh logo on the side is translucent yellow, and the lower opacity creates a pale yellow shade. On the other hand, the glossy Swoosh on the inside is opaque, which creates a not-so-soft yellow. This bright yellow is also used for tongue labels and Nike logos on insoles. As for the rest of the design, the DNA model has been maintained, including the definition of exaggerated coverage and stacking unique appearance.