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Among the many Medications used for treatment of erectile dysfunction, Fildena 50mg Tablet is a popular medication. It is a medicine that contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. Taking this drug can improve blood flow to the penis, and promote a healthy erection. It is used by males who are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

To get a good erection, you should eat a healthy diet. This will increase blood flow to the penis and increase your sensitivity to erections. You should also exercise regularly, but make sure you are not overdoing it. If you are not able to exercise, you can try a cold pack. You can also talk to your physician about lifestyle changes that can improve your erection.

You should not take more than one Fildena 50Mg tablet per day. You should not take the pill more than four hours before sexual activity. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not take the medication. The drug can harm an unborn child. It should not be taken with other medications, including nitrate drugs, riociguat, and vardenafil.

The Sildenafil Citrate in Fildena is a PDE5 inhibitor that relaxes blood vessel walls and increases the flow of blood to the penis. The action of this drug lasts for about two to three hours.