How HotelMoney is Making Online Booking Easier, Safer in Nigeria

How HotelMoney is Making Online Booking Easier, Safer in Nigeria


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By Vanessa Obioha

Laid out in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online booking and installment stage HotelMoney has made things more straightforward for friendliness organizations. It was in 2002 that its pioneer Nweke Okechukwu staggered on the amazing chance to fill the vacuum of online installments and bookings in the area.


"At the point when I got into the friendliness space around 2002, the banks in Nigeria were attempting to start thinking responsibly. My chief, at that point, advised me to guarantee that I revamp the hotel's site so that individuals could make installments without any problem. That was the point at which I saw an enormous vacuum in both the installment space and the online booking space. That was the point at which I chose to assemble my organization to fill this hole," he said.


By 2020, he and his group had the option to protect an organization with Google and constructed HotelMoney for accomplice hotels to consistently get bookings.


For Okechukwu, booking online is more straightforward, less difficult and significantly more helpful for the end client.


"Envision you need to remain in a hotel in a country you have never visited. Assuming you need to do actual bookings, you might have to track down somebody in that nation, ask or pay him to go to the hotel and book, and afterward stress over how to pay. Be that as it may, over the web, you pick the room, see the photos, book and pay. Assuming that there are changes or issues, the hotel will give you criticism before you even leave your nation of origin. That is what's really going on with Hotelmoney."

That's what he added "Online is the least demanding method for contacting an enormous crowd. It's likely the most ideal way to worldwide scale any business. There is a touchy open door in building a business online."


Okechukwu accepts that there is potential for an expansion in entrance in his business. Yet, this, he said, will be energized by an improvement in the legal executive framework in Nigeria.


"Something awesome that has occurred in this nation is the BVN framework. You can never again remove anyone's cash and run without any problem. In the event that somebody gathers your cash and neglects to convey, there are such countless ways, frameworks and cycles to contact him except if he leaves this country with an alternate visa. Be that as it may, as the legal executive proceeds to improve, and the simplicity of carrying on with work in Nigeria keeps on improving, online organizations will keep on developing."


A definitive vision for Okechukwu is to take HotelMoney worldwide. Up until this point, he has hotel accomplices in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Destination Hotels Properties  Mauritius, and Seychelles, to make reference to a couple.

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