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Electric gate

An electric gate is a gate which is operated with the help of electricity. Electric gates are usually programmed to open and close on a set schedule, or when someone operates a keypad. They allow for opening and closing times; if traffic levels are low, the gate can be opened for long periods at minimal cost in terms of energy consumption. The opening time can be manually overridden by pressing a button on the remote control.

Electric gates can also include a feature that only allows people who have been granted permission through access rights to pass laterally beyond the perimeter of their property. This feature was developed to prevent trespassers from entering private lands and potentially harming themselves or animals living there. This feature can also allow for exit by car.

Another common feature is the ability to open and close an electric gate remotely using a remote control, which uses radio waves. The gate is usually designed to open automatically when the remote control button is pressed. The gate may also be programmed to close automatically after being opened a set time by pressing a button on the remote control, or allowing it to close at a certain time of day or on certain days of the week. This can be convenient for people who use it for work or who have animals that need access outside for long periods at certain times of day.

In most cases, electric gates are installed in pairs; one on each side of the entry or exit point. A backup battery may also be installed in case of power failure.

An electric gate is a movable barrier that can automatically open and close, commonly found at the entrance to driveways or other access points in residential, commercial or industrial areas. It is designed to swing open and shut on a track which is installed in a supporting stanchion built into the ground usually with concrete footings for added stability. Read More...........

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