Four Attentions in Choosing Electric Blankets in Winter

Winter is coming, electric blankets are chosen by some consumers because of their cheap price, good heating performance, light weight and easy to carry. While electric blankets bring many conveniences to consumers, the safety risks of their use cannot be underestimated.


When buying and using electric blankets, you should pay attention to the following four points:

One is to learn to choose

When purchasing electric blanket products, you should go to regular and reputable shopping malls, supermarkets and other business places. When purchasing online, it is recommended to choose a regular platform store. When purchasing, you should carefully check whether the product has the product name, manufacturer name, certificate of conformity, "CCC" certification mark and instruction manual, and do not buy cheap and inferior electric blankets for cheap, so as not to cause unnecessary injuries and losses. After purchase, you should carefully read the instruction manual and related tips, and use the electric blanket as required.


The second is to use correctly

Before use, please carefully check whether the power plug, heating wire, temperature controller, etc. are in good condition and whether there is any leakage. After power on, preheat first, keep away from human skin as far as possible. If you find that the electric blanket is not hot or partially heated, you should immediately unplug the power plug for maintenance. The electric blanket should be used flat, and try to use it on a hard bed, not on a soft bed such as a sofa bed, Simmons bed, or wire bed. When in use, it should be placed under the bed sheet or thin mattress to prevent the heating wire from being deformed or broken when it is stretched or bent, which may cause accidents. In particular, the electric blanket cannot be folded to prevent personal injury caused by excessive local temperature. The power-on time should not be too long. It is recommended that consumers turn on the power to heat before going to bed, turn off the power when going to bed, and try not to use it overnight.


The third is to pay attention to the service life

The safe service life of electric blankets is calculated from the date of production, which is generally 6 years. There may be potential safety hazards if used beyond the service life. It is recommended to check regularly and replace in time.


Fourth, special groups should use it with caution

Electric blankets are not suitable for everyone. People with heart diseases or sensitive constitutions should use them as little as possible or not. When using electric blankets for special groups such as the elderly, children, and patients, they should prevent the electric blanket from being wet with urine or sweat. cause a short circuit in the heating wire. Pregnant women and infants should not use electric blankets.


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