What are The Factors That Affect The Engraving Speed of Laser Engraving Machine?

Many individuals or companies value the marking speed of the equipment when purchasing a laser engraver because it is directly related to the order processing efficiency.


Many individuals or companies value the marking speed of the equipment when purchasing a laser engraver, because it is directly related to the order processing efficiency. So, what are the factors that affect the marking speed of laser engraving machines? HTPOW has summarized the following factors based on years of experience.

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The main reasons affecting the speed of laser engraving are divided into: one is the equipment itself, and the other is the workpiece. The reasons for the equipment itself mainly include laser frequency, laser spot mode and light speed divergence angle, laser power, reasonable optical processing, etc. Another reason is the marking density, marking range, marking depth and laser spot size during processing.

So now many laser engraving machine manufacturers are researching and upgrading the working spot and frequency of the laser, so that all other factors that affect the laser speed can be minimized. The world's fastest household handheld laser engraving machine, LaserPecker 2, is an upgraded laser engraving machine, which will not be affected by external factors, and the laser engraving speed can reach 36000mm/min.

Desktop fiber laser marking machine

  • 1. Marking density: the marking speed of sparse materials is much faster than that of dense materials. Marking in the same format, sparse marking only takes 2 minutes, while dense marking may take 5 minutes. After all, the marking density is higher. For example, in a fiber laser marking machine, marking on non-metallic materials is faster than marking on metal materials, because the density of non-metallic materials is generally not as high as that of metal materials.
  • 2. Marking depth: the depth of product marking. The lighter the mark, the faster the speed and vice versa. If you want to mark a higher depth on the surface of the material, you need to increase the parameter configuration and increase the laser power. Marking depth takes time and slows down the overall marking speed. Just like drilling a well, both wells are drilled the same way. If one side requires 8 meters and the other side requires 10 meters, then it will take more time to drill 10 meters under the same conditions. 
  • 3. Marking range: The size of the marking area of ​​the laser marking machine will also affect the marking speed of the laser marking machine. Large format marking will have the galvanometer deflected to maximum for maximum marking. Compared with small format marking speed, large format marking speed is much slower.
  • 4. Laser spot size: The spot after the laser beam is focused is the spot that passes through the focusing lens (the spot refers to the size of the light irradiating the surface of the processed object). The smaller the blob, the faster it runs. This is due to its small size. 

The speed of the laser marking machine is also related to its own configuration, and cannot be measured by a single factor, so you must communicate well when purchasing a laser machine.

The above factors will affect the marking speed of the laser marking machine in the actual operation and marking process. Triumph Laser hopes that our customers can follow these conditions to improve marking speed and create higher benefits.

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