Laser engraving machine laser tube life

The laser tube is the consumable of the laser engraver, so the service life has become the most important purchase index for users.


Laser Tube

The laser tube is the consumable of the laser engraver, so the service life has become the most important purchase index for users. How long can the laser tube work continuously? Many users work 8 to 10 hours a day with their laser engravers. In fact, the damage to key components such as laser tubes is very large. The laser tube that should have been used for more than a year was scrapped after half a year.
Buy laser tubes from a reputable source (HTPOW can be your trusted mall), and you can expect the actual power output of the laser to be around 7~10% higher than the rated value, a Class A, reputable brand, and used for more than 2~ 3 years or more is not uncommon, but first of all making sure you have grade A tubes is the main concern, Sculpfun is a trusted brand, you can tell how popular and reliable it is from how hot the Sculpfun S10 laser engraver is up.

sculpfun s10

The Hazards of Continuous Operation of Laser Tubes

So how long should the laser tube work continuously before resting? The typical lifetime of a laser tube is 5000-10000 hours, unfortunately this is not the number of hours used, but the number of hours since the date of manufacture. Subsequently, the underwriting period is generally 3 to 12 months. However, if you treat your laser tube correctly, you can get years of use. In the case of a relatively small current ratio, it is not a big problem for the laser tube to emit light continuously for 4 hours, and it will not cause too much damage to the laser tube itself. But when the laser tube works continuously for more than 4 hours, the temperature inside the laser tube will gradually increase. When the rate of temperature rise exceeds the heat dissipation rate of the laser tube, the load on the laser tube will increase, and the laser tube will continue to work under high temperature conditions, and its life will decline rapidly. Although the water cooling of the laser tube can take away the internal temperature in time and dissipate heat for the laser tube, the heat dissipation effect is often not enough for long-term continuous use. This is the case with many appliances. Over time, it is too late to dissipate heat and continue to heat up. The laser tube was faulty and couldn't stand the heat. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the power for a period of time, about half an hour, after working continuously for four hours.


In addition, if the laser tube works continuously for more than 4 hours, the burden on the laser power supply will also increase, and the control board will also be damaged to a certain extent. It is recommended to operate a laser engraving machine. Do not work with high current and high power, which will shorten the service life of key components of laser engravers such as laser tubes. High current or high percentage duty cycle times are not recommended or shortened. Although the laser tube of the laser engraving machine is a consumable item, we always hope to replace it less in order to prolong the service life of the laser tube and reduce the cost of use.

Therefore, the correct use of laser tubes and routine maintenance can ensure a longer service life of the laser engraver.