Are Personalized Zelex Doll Cheap?

For Dutch women’s wives and personalized Zelex Doll, it’s important to point out the part of sex you need. Removable parts make cleaning very easy.


For Dutch women’s wives and personalized Zelex Doll, it’s important to point out the part of sex you need. Removable parts make cleaning very easy. They are removed, cleaned and put back in place. However, from a doll's aesthetic point of view, many people prefer non-detachable parts to make the doll look more realistic. Please note that in this case, the size of the vaginal hole and the anal hole are the same. We recommend that you specify the size so as not to be too small. The life-size sex doll is the most expensive sex toy.


The real style, exquisite makeup, beautiful face, curvy figure, male and female genitals, are essentially non-talking real people. All sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE material. These are the two most popular materials for making sex dolls. Of course, it is safe and healthy. In addition, sex dolls can be customized as celebrities and your loved ones. You can choose wig, face shape, bust, vaginal features and body shape. The difference between the body of a Flat chested sex doll and a life-size sex doll is as follows: A life-size sex doll includes the whole body of the head, arms and limbs, but the body of the sex doll has no limbs.

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There before, we keep Tpe sex doll stable and strong. The care powder retains the materials commonly used in making cheap sex dolls, so it will not affect the quality of real sex dolls. This only applies to sex dolls’ stores in the UK. Generally speaking, English and grammar can indicate whether a website is reliable. Some typos are correct, but persistently poor English and grammar usually send red flags. Many Chinese imitation doll manufacturers and distributors have created English websites that sell in the West. Obviously, their English level is very poor.


The Anime sex doll and TPE sex dolls on the market are usually very fragile and may crack or wrinkle if not considered properly. If this type of injury occurs, you will need TPE and silicon repair experts. If you have a repair expert, you can definitely repair the damage. Before applying the paste, please clean the damaged real doll properly. Treat the wound with the paste and leave it for several hours. Do not prolong the scar left after the wound has healed. Maintenance powder is something that everyone who claims to sell silicone sex dolls should have.


High-quality Zelex sex dolls

  • Please be sure to contact customer support before purchasing Japanese sex doll from the website. If possible, please contact us via email.
  • Most websites have live chat functions, but they are not always online. Ask many questions via email to understand the speed and efficiency of the response.
  • It’s great if they have a phone number, you can try to call them. If they can respond quickly and have good English/grammar, professionalism and etiquette, this is a good sign they can trust. Avoid websites written in languages ​​other than English and grammar.


No one denies that your true Lesbian Sex Dolls is so sexy. She is almost everyone's aesthetic master, perfectly embodying the super high charm of the doll. But don’t you think something is missing? Your real sex doll is on par with Scarlett Johansson in appearance and size, but there are still some gaps that need to be filled. But what exactly is this gap? A realistic overall outfit for the sex doll. There is no denying that decent dressing has a major impact on the overall attractiveness of true Dutch married women.


The cheap sex dolls are constantly improving, becoming more and more realistic and closer to humans. The silicone body makes it as warm and soft as a woman in real life. In addition, the sex doll weighs 80-115 kg and lifts a lot of weight. Some sex doll sellers find it heavy, because few women buy it. Moving the doll may require a lot of work, but it also makes it look more realistic. Sex dolls also have many realistic features that make them look like humans. Eyebrows, long hair, lips and eyes are all carefully designed. They are almost breathing.