Become a vampire

How to become a vampire? Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera.


How to become a vampire? Vampire Ashram is the only authorized ritual blood rite and vampire transformation sponsored and approved by Lucifera.

Vampire Ashram House Keresian

ampire Ashram is a spiritual vampiric and transformational enterprise and working conclave for advanced vampiric energetics, representing House Keresian as devoted to the original Aya-Khar and Alpha Draconic Vampire Goddess, Lucifera, who rules over a vast vampiric and reptilian empire known as the CiaKhar. The book, Vampire Arveda Yoga: The Lost Art of Kundalini Alchemy, by Lucien Mars, is the basic text for those who work with dark spirited-entities of every type, and those who desire a greater spiritual and material connection and evolvement with them, along with gaining a more accurate and balanced perspective to vampirism.

~By Invitation Only~

We also provide vampire-transformations in accordance with the sacred tenets we hold as blood-bound by Lucifera, our patron goddess who rules over a multi-faceted spiritual realm that extends beyond the common conception of the multiverse, and beyond the boundaries of both heaven and hell. Our transformations are offered by invitation only and are limited to those approved by a consensus of elders after final review. Each transformation requires a disincarnate sire of either sex as authorized by Lucifera. We are organized by a hierarchy of rites and powers, most of which we do not publish in any form and are transmitted only to those of the vampire eldership and priesthood. At advanced levels we use hyper-dimensional kundalini energy versus ceremonial rituals performed in western occultism.

In addition, we provide custom spirit-entity bindings and spells designed to meet the needs of the dark-sided occultist. Vampire Ashram listings, along with our Vampire Haven listings and various others span the gamut in terms of vampire revenants, demigods and demigoddesses, demonic vampires, demons, and hybrids, providing a full assortment of entities with various powers and of various types. Our Sorcerer’s Cellar listings are devoted to those traditional and best-selling bindings that have made the Sorcerer’s Cellar a world-renowned name. We also feature regular and advanced energy-infused vampiric spell-bindings.

About Lucifera Lucien Mars

Lucien Mars is currently the only authorized High Priest and Primus of Lucifera, the eldest living vampire and the Alpha Draconian Aya-Khar ruler of the reptilian and vampiric CiaKhar Empire that spans the multiverse. Drakara is our officiating High Priestess, followed by our three elders at present: Silverlight, our in-house psychic reader and forum manager of the separate site: Luciferasvampireforum; Daughter Day Moon, our remote viewer and communications manager; and Tolap, our international marketing manager. Lucien Mars and Drakara are Lucifera’s only spirit-sworn and appointed representatives who are authorized to provide bindings under her namesake and through their appointed powers as being in closest spiritual relationship to Lucifera herself. No other site or sorcerer has this appointed and spirit-sworn ability.