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Are your hair extensions becoming too dull to wear?

If so, you need to enhance your style with a trendy makeover. And the best way to do that is with extensions: faux Locs Dreads. 

Faux Locs are a great way to change your hair extensions without much hassle. At Elite Braids, our highly skilled hair stylists can twist your hair into faux Locs to make them appear as dreadlocks. You can get a bold and beautiful look and choose from a gamut of trendy faux Locs styles at our salon. 

From style, color, techniques, you name it, Elite Braids has a versatile range of faux Locs styles that can amp up your look in no time. 

What is Faux Locs?

Faux Locs are an alternative to dreadlocks which is achieved by the use of synthetic extensions. A hair stylist will twist your extensions but not your natural hair. 

Faux Locs are great hairstyles because you get the appearance of dreads without having to commit time and maintenance on them. Using the technique, you can get any type of faux Locs you want, straight and curly. This hairstyle is also a great protective style that prevents your hair from being damaged by heat and other things. 

At Elite Braids, we can achieve the following faux Locs style for you using extensions: 

●   Goddess Locs

●   Bohemian Locs

●   Starter Locs

We also provide loc touch-up services at our salon. 

Contact us and book a session with flawless and envious faux Locs Dreads in Houston. We're the leaders in natural and protective hairstyles in the city and can achieve any hairstyle for you the way you want it.

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