9 Ways You Can Benefit by Using Baby Wipes On Your Face

Baby wipes are great for removing makeup and getting rid of oily skin. They can also help with acne, blemishes, and even stretch marks! You can even use them to remove stubborn dirt from your face


You probably have a mini-toilet in your bathroom if you're like me. It's not just for fun (although it might be); it's also for baby wipes. Baby wipes are great for removing makeup and getting rid of oily skin. They can also help with acne, blemishes, and even stretch marks! You can even use them to remove stubborn dirt from your face if you get into a funk during the day and need a quick pick-me-up. Here are some more nontraditional uses for baby wipes on your face:

1. Get rid of stubborn makeup.
You can also use baby wipes to remove stubborn makeup. Baby wipes are gentle enough to use around your eyes and delicate skin but also strong enough to take on waterproof mascara. This is especially helpful when you want a quick clean-up before going out for the evening or if you have friends coming over for dinner and need something that's easy to use but doesn't irritate the eyes like cleanser would do (or if you have sensitive ones).

2. Beat away breakout-causing bacteria
Baby wipes are one of the best ways to clean your face. They're gentle and non-irritating, so they can help remove makeup, oil, dirt, and other products that cause breakouts. Use them to remove excess fat from the skin before applying moisturizer or any other face product (like sunscreen).

You can also use baby wipes to help with acne and other skin problems! When you have an issue like acne or even just excess sebum production-caused by bacteria entering your pores-baby wipes are an excellent way of cleaning them out without causing any damage.*

3. Soothe your skin
Baby wipes are the perfect product for soothing your skin. They're gentle, don't irritate, and you can use them to remove makeup and dirt from your face without worrying about irritation. Plus, they're easy to find in any store or grocery store!

4. Keep your brows looking good.
If you have good brows, use baby wipes to keep them there. You can also use them to remove makeup and stubborn makeup around your eyes or lips. If you want to ensure you're applying baby wipes correctly, we recommend using our How To Use Baby Wipes guide below!

5. Refresh after workouts
Baby wipes can also be used as a refreshing wipe after workouts. It is important to wash off the sweat from the face and other body parts before going to bed so that you don't get it back in bed with you during sleep. When working out, especially if it's hot outside or indoors due to exercise equipment being on full blast, there is no better way to freshen up than by using baby wipes! They're effective at removing unwanted oils or sweat residue from one's face, so they don't feel sticky throughout the night when trying to relax (and fall asleep).

6. Blot away oil
Baby wipes are great for removing excess oil from your face. They're a quick and easy way to get rid of shine and makeup before you head out the door.

To use baby wipes on your skin, first cleanse with a gentle cleanser like water or cream cleanser, then pat dry (don't rub!). Next, use a few pieces of baby wipe to blot away any remaining moisture from the surface of your face before applying foundation/concealer. You can also use these wipes as a last resort if there's no other solution!

7. Prep for a clean shave
If you want a clean shave, baby wipes are an excellent tool. These disposable wipes can be used to remove makeup and excess oil from your face before shaving and clean up any leftover lather from your razor. After shaving, throw out the wipe-it won't hurt the environment!

8. Remove nail polish
If you're wearing nail polish and want to take it off, use baby wipes. You can also use a cotton ball or makeup remover pad if you want to get rid of any residue that may still be on your nails. Ensure the area is clean before using any of these methods because they could cause bacteria build-up if left in contact with the skin for too long.

9. Combat pesky blackheads
When it comes to removing blackheads, baby wipes are your best bet. They're gentle and won't cause irritation, so they can be used on sensitive skin without fear of causing an allergic reaction. Plus, they're cheap and easy to find in any drugstore or grocery store near you-always a plus!

Baby wipes are great for some nontraditional uses, too.

Baby wipes are great for many things. They can be used to remove makeup and other types of makeup, but they're also great for soothing skin irritation, keeping brows looking good (a.k.a. green), and refreshing after workouts.

Baby wipes are also the perfect thing to use when you need a quick clean-up on those days when you don't have time to run home and take care of your face before heading out again to work or school!

Baby wipes are a great way to cleanse your face and remove makeup, but they can be used for more than that. We hope this article has shown you many other ways to use them and we're not just talking about wiping off makeup! Baby wipes are versatile products that can help with everything from cleansing your face to refreshing after a workout. If you have any other tricks up your sleeve, please share them below so we can all benefit from their usefulness in our daily lives!

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