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I love love love this sex story and I like to think of myself as an "A" and a "G" because they find themselves in a very sexy state at a sex dolls. "A" has witnessed something she will never forget, and will definitely experience something that will keep her out of trouble for years to come. I love this story within the different scenes we meet, and I can read it again and again without getting tired.

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Lola tells us about when she and her male friend ended up having sex on a hot summer day in college. Mini sex dolls details sex and how much they love it. You get an amazing insight into her sex life and how erotic the experience must have been for all of them, yes they all ended up cumming in her face and it was fucking hot.

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You really need to read part 1 of this story to get the full effect, so once you hurry back and read part 2. It's all about a threesome between a couple and a bisexual woman who just wants a woman. In a threesome, she'll do anything to prove her worth and get deep in robot sex dolls boyfriend's way Time to get her cum so hard.

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One of my favorite stories to submit is this one. A young man and his girlfriend opened up about their relationship to his embarrassing best friend and it was so sexy it made me soak up every time I read the story. The embarrassment, the intensity and the cum is so real, I just love it.

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 Here we read about two best friends who met a guy at a club and he quickly fucked them both in his apartment to orgasm. I love this story,teen sex doll really takes you on a journey and keeps you on your toes.