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Heart is that the only organ liable for the pumping of blood throughout the body, in condition of heart damage in any certain way unable the guts to take care of the sufficient amount of blood everywhere the body. An individual with coronary failure may face shortness of breath that sometimes gets worse with excessive exercise; excessive tiredness, leg swelling and therefore the person may awaken in the dark. There are two main categories of coronary failure: coronary failure is due to left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure with normal ejection fraction counting on whether the power of the ventricle to contract is affected, or its ability to relax. Best Cardiologist Doctor in Jayanagar Bangalore is that the best heart surgeons.

Best Cardiologist Doctor in Jayanagar Bangalore suggests:
• The severity of heart condition is typically graded by the degree of problems with exercise. Other diseases that include obesity, renal failure, liver problems, anemia, and thyroid disease show similar symptoms of coronary failure.
• High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) may be a major risk factor for heart diseases and stroke. Usually treated with low fat diet, exercise and medications like statin.
• Hypertension increases the danger of coronary failure.

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