Consult the Top Ear Surgeon - Dr. Parag Telang

Consult Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust to get an effective treatment for ear congenital defects. 


Dr. Parag Telang is a top ear surgeon with extensive experience in performing microtia and ear deformities constructive surgeries. He is also an expert in ear reconstruction surgery for children born with missing ears or who have faced a traumatic loss of an ear. He consistently provides his patients with excellent results and performs several ear procedures, including otoplasty, anotia, and repair of malformed ears. His patients visit him from around the world to avail benefits of his innovative approach to treatment, compassionate care, and surgical skills that help one achieve the best-desired outcomes. He has treated many international patients from the USA, UAE, Europe, London, and across the globe and corrected their ear-associated problems such as microtia, external and internal ear deformities, traumatic ear loss, and prominent ear correction etc. To learn more about these procedures.