Led Corn Lamp COSTOMIZED LENGTH's flashing method

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LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMIZED LENGTH is not matched with LED driver power, normal single-foot 1W lamp beads bear current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp chip is not enough, it will cause light and light source flash. If the current is too high, the lamp beads cannot be affordable. The serious phenomenon will burn the golden line or copper thread built on the lamp beads, resulting in the lamp beads not bright. It can be that the driving power is broken. As long as you put on another good driver power, it will not flash.

If the driver has a temperature protection function, and the material heat dissipation performance of the lamp can not meet the requirements, the driver of LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMONGTH Driving Temperature Protection starts at the beginning of the work, such as: 20W Lights shells for assembly to assemble the light lamp shell to assemble The 30W lamps will do this without doing well.

If the outdoor LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMIZED LENGTH also has a flash of light and one extinguish, that is, the lamps are in water. The consequence is that it will not light up. The lamp beads and the driver are broken. If you drive well, you can just break the lamp beads and replace the light source.

LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMONGED LENGTH is a type of LED. It mainly considers the light of the lights. It is specially designed as 360 degrees. Its shape is like a corn stick. The so -called explosion -proof LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMIZED Leength is mainly covered with a explosion -type explosion -type explosion -proof shell on the outside of LED CORN LAMP CUSTMEDLANGTH, so that the LED Corn Lamp Customized Length can be continued in many dangerous environments. The LED COD CORN LAMP CUSTOMONGED Length (explosion -proof) produced by Delixi explosion is comprehensive, three -dimensional multi -particle light sources, plus explosion -type shell, which is currently a particularly popular LED COD CORN LAMP CUSTONGTH, LED Explosion -proof LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMIZED Lendh.

Add explosion -proof devices on the basis of LED CORN LAMP CUSTOMIZED LENGTH, which enables LED Corn Lamp Customized LENGTH to be used in work places such as chemical plants, petroleum plants, and coal mines such as dangerous gases, dust environment, LENGTH's scope and value.

led corn lamp customized length https://www.zliec.com/60W-Light-Distribution-Corn-Bulb.html