Action Video Games For PC In 2021

This list will feature the greatest PC action games of 2022, including the best action role-playing games and the best PC action-adventure games.


Everyone loves an exciting action game, but only a few deserve to be called "best," especially on the PC, where there are so many other excellent options. These video games are guaranteed to get your blood pumping with their frenetic action, quick reflexes, and eye-popping visuals that may cause your computer screen to melt.

This list will feature the greatest PC action games of 2022, including the best action role-playing games and the best PC action-adventure games. Finally, keep an eye out in the future as we add more titles to this list; we'd love to hear from you if we left off any of your favorite PC action games.

Forgive Me Father

Steam, Early Game Service, and GOG are all supported.

Reminiscent of DOOM and H.P. Lovecraft in its comic book aesthetic, Forgive Me Father is a grim, throwback horror FPS. Lovecraft. You can play the game as a priest or a journalist, navigating a world full of anarchy and eldritch horrors.

Classic first-person shooter gunplay is combined with active abilities and powerups to help out in a pinch as you take on hordes of unexpected enemies. Each of the two playable characters has their own skill tree and sanity system.

Ziggurat 2

Steam, GOG, etc.

The original Ziggurat is a PC classic thanks to its innovative blend of first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay, magic, roguelike progression, and fast-paced movement.

Ziggurat 2 is an overhauled version of the original action shooter that aims to improve on its formula in every aspect. This adds new weapons, enemies, and spells, in addition to a greater verticality and variance in procedurally generated dungeons.

Between missions, players can stop by the Citadel to make new allies, improve their gear and skills, and plot their next move.

Legend of Tianding

Technology: Steam Platform

Liao, a renowned Taiwanese folk hero, fights for justice by robbing the affluent, feeding the poor, and robbing the rich again in The Legend of Tianding, a side-scrolling action game.

This early 20th century Colonial Japanese Taiwan adventure has players exploring the Dadaocheng area of Taipei city while in command of the legendary bandit.

Liao can engage in intricate technical fighting with his tanto, waist sash, and Kung Fu techniques, including sophisticated aerial combos, grappling hook maneuvers, and more.

To alter Liao's playstyle and gain special benefits like faster stamina regeneration and lower damage, players can equip one of a number of talismans.


Steam, GOG, etc.

If you're like us, you enjoy first-person shooters with a focus on quick action and reminiscent graphics that draw inspiration from titles like DOOM and Quake. For example, Arsi Patala and New Blood Interactive's Ultrakill, a visually stunning and brutally destructive vintage first-person shooter, is influenced by games like Doom and Quake (both in terms of style and gameplay).

Even though it has a retro aesthetic, the game uses a lot of contemporary game design techniques that make it tough to put down once you become hooked. It has a health regeneration mechanism that encourages you to rip through enemies and bathe in their blood, and it grades your playstyle based on your skill.

Severed Steel

Steam, Early Game Service, and GOG are all supported.

In the breathtaking first-person shooter Severed Steel, you take on the role of a lone sharpshooter tasked with infiltrating a fortress teeming with evil guys.

The game has impressive first-person shooting, as well as a sophisticated stunt system with bullet time and destructible environments. You can't reload because your character only has one arm, so you'll have to go out of your way to find more enemies so you may rip weapons out of their lifeless palms.

The game also has a dynamic, squad-based artificial intelligence that facilitates unpredictable opponent engagements and ensures that no two gunfights are the same.

Mighty Goose

Technology: Steam Platform

Although several of the games on this list are third-person shooters, Mighty Goose is a run n' guns platformer, a subgenre of side-scrolling 2D platformers. You play the part of Mighty Goose, a bird in a mech suit who is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.

In this game, you'll be tasked with fending off enemies and acquiring new weapons as you go through vast 2D levels piloting enormous, overpowered mech vehicles. Retro-inspired pixel graphics go well with the booming soundtrack of crunchy synth-rock and funky jazz-fusion songs that bring this classic action game to life.

Run 3

Stay on the course for as long as possible in Run 3, an unblocked online running game. While playing, you have a choice between two gameplay styles. The goal of infinite mode is to keep running forever. It's up to you to keep your character from going off the rails. If you let them go, they will eventually become lost in the void of space. It's possible that the first part of Run 3 is easy and uncomplicated. At first, the tunnel's openings are obvious from a distance, may be avoided without any effort. However, the difficulty rises the further you run. Those glaring voids are more prevalent. And because of your increased velocity, they're coming at you twice as fast. Assisting your chubby pal across the bottomless chasm will require quick thinking and reflexes. Keep running and make sure you land safely on the opposite side. If you make even a small error, you could find yourself hurtling across space with no way to stop.