The Top 20 Word Games You Should Play

This list will feature the greatest PC word games of 2022, including the best action role-playing games and the best PC word games.


This list will feature the greatest PC word games of 2022, including the best action role-playing games and the best PC word games.

Fans of similar games like FlightGear or Carmageddon might enjoy Players take control of miniature, responsive planes and employ a variety of collectable weapons to dispatch their foes. With, gamers may compete for top honors on the leaderboard without ever having to resort to violence. The objective of the game is to collect tokens scattered over the sky, with each token being worth 10 points.

Despite its apparent lack of complexity, offers enough diversity in gameplay and depth to keep players engaged for hours on end in their browser.

In, participants assume the role of fish and compete with one another to consume one another while remaining alive. Like and, its aesthetic is reminiscent of those games.

Players will need to eat smaller fish (the game's equivalent of food) to get stronger and stay alive, and then hunt out other players (the lobby's "other fish") to seize control of the game. It's just a small tweak to the original recipe, but variety is the spice of life.

Gats is an easy-to-understand top-down multiplayer shooter.

io is like Call of Duty multiplayer if everyone could only see the mini-map, and it's a lot more entertaining than it seems.

Compete in team deathmatch, free for all, or dominance modes with a wide selection of weapons. The multiplayer features encourage social interaction and strategic planning, and the game's simplicity means that it will appeal to a wide audience.

Playing as a black hole that tries to swallow everything in its path, is an intriguing game. The goal of the game is to become an all-encompassing void by consuming everything in one's path, including automobiles, trees, and other players. Those who are familiar with the video game Donut County won't be out of place.

Without a question, is one of the most interesting and games you can play online. The game, which is set in a fully 3D environment, provides a nuanced spin on the standard gameplay.

A game of survival and hunting, Players choose what kind of creature they wish to play as and begin the game as a member of the lowest rung of the food chain, gradually foraging for food and growing stronger in order to take on the server’s most powerful enemies. Players who want to survive must stay away from the red players.

Players that take care of their monsters and work to uncover and amass the game's different monsters will see their creatures increase in size over time.

It's a battle royale game where players compete to be the last one standing in Players fight from the top down and can work together in pairs to battle it out on the field. They can also scavenge for things and weapons while doing so. Shotguns and SMGS are among the various weapons available in the game.

They have long-range snipers and assault rifles, as well as a variety of melee weapons. While it may not be as well-known as other battle royale games such as Fortnite, it still has a large following and is available on a variety of devices. is a unique tool that allows several users to cooperate on an art creation, even if it isn’t a game in the literal meaning of the word. In, which is essentially a multi-user version of Mario Paint, is a fantastic tool that lets creatives to collaborate with pals in a relaxed setting.

It’s not a replacement for tools like Photoshop, but it’s a wonderful way for artists to pass the time, and collaborating with people from all over the world is a lot of fun.

Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a timed word puzzle game in which players race against the clock to eliminate rows or columns of letters from a 20x20 grid. At the beginning of the game, you'll get 120 seconds to clear just one line, but as you progress through the levels. The difficulty will rise as you'll have to clear more lines in less time. Word Wipe is only one of several games that can make learning and studying a pleasure. Try out one of our top-rated word games right now!

In other words, this is a very beginner-friendly crossword. In order to play Word Wipe, simply open a new tab or window in your browser, navigate to the site, and click on it. Select the first letter with your mouse. Using the mouse's scroll wheel, select a letter. That is directly to the left, right, up, down, or diagonally adjacent to the one you just selected.