Five steps of daily maintenance method of paste filling machine

This article mainly introduces the daily maintenance method and purchase of the paste-filling machine, hoping to help you use the paste-filling machine better.


Routine maintenance has always been a large part of the attention of users of paste-filling machines, and paste-filling machines vary according to the level of technology, which leads to users who use the equipment at the same time. There is a certain amount of communication in maintenance, so as to ensure that your equipment can give full play to the maximum benefits.

As a professional manufacturer of paste-filling machines, Beiltmachinery, of course, also attaches great importance to the daily maintenance of the equipment and also answers the questions of users in this regard. Today, Beiltmachinery will discuss and summarize the practical tips for the daily maintenance of the paste filling machine.

Daily maintenance of paste filling machine

1. We should pay attention to the operating temperature of the paste filling machine:

The optimal temperature of the paste-filling machine should be -10 degrees to 50 degrees, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%. When using, there should be no corrosive gas, dust or explosive gas in the surrounding air.

2. The impurity filter of the paste filling machine should be disassembled and washed frequently.

It is necessary to regularly clean the body with the corresponding lotion products, and it must not be left uncleaned for a long time, resulting in a lot of dirt.

3. Lubricating oil is very effective for the maintenance of the paste filling machine.

After the paste filling machine has been working continuously for 2-3 months, the back cover should be opened to add lubricating oil to the sliding parts and switch bumps. Long-term drying and rusting.

Filling machine

4. The paste filling machine will inevitably move during use.

When handling the paste filling machine, we should pay attention not to place it tilted or to tip it down to maintain the stability of the paste filling machine.

5. Like all mechanical equipment, the paste-filling machine will also have certain dangers.

In the process of using the paste filling machine, it is strictly forbidden to put our hands under the heating rod to avoid being scalded.

Paste filling machine purchase points

In fact, a very important part of the paste-filling machine is the feeding hopper of the filling machine. so we are buying

When using the paste filling machine, you must pay attention to a few points: the material used for the appearance of the paste filling machine, the differences in the electrical appliances of the paste filling machine, the rationality of the connection design of the various components of the paste filling machine, the paste filling machine The quality of the installed feed port, etc.

Well, the above is the whole content of the daily maintenance and purchase of the paste-filling machine brought to you by Beilt, a filling machine manufacturer. In fact, there is much, much more knowledge about the daily maintenance of the paste-filling machine. The corresponding maintenance of the model will also be different. If you have any questions, please contact Beiltmachinery.

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