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Badge Introduction

As a high-end expression of identity, occupation, honor, and art, badges are used more and more widely. According to the current social situation, the badge is actually a symbol of a social group or organization. Only when you are in it will you understand the meaning of it, which is an honor for an organization or a group.

According to the functional form of badges, it can be divided into: badges, collar badges, cap badges, epaulettes, armbands, armbands, medals, medals, commemorative badges, badges, etc. Now badges are more widely used, emblems of social groups, company logos, clothing decoration, and Just as a work of art and so on.

In life, badges can be seen everywhere, as large as the public security organs, schools, and social organizations of various functional departments of the country. As a motorcycle club, it is essential to have a badge belonging to your own club, and its representative meaning is also the club. spiritual culture.

Badge making process classification

1. Paint badge

The surface can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin. This process is commonly known as "glue dripping". However, after adding resin, the paint badge will lose its bump, but it can protect the LOGO.

The surface of the imitation enamel badge is flat, and the lines on the surface of the badge can be plated with various metal colors such as gold and silver, and various imitation enamel pigments are filled between the metal lines. Imitation enamel large picture effect.

2. Imitation enamel badge

The production process is similar to enamel badges. The difference from real enamel is that the enamel pigments used in the badges are different. The imitation enamel badges have exquisite craftsmanship. The enamel color surface is smooth and particularly delicate, giving people a very high-grade and luxurious feeling. It is the first choice for the badge making process. If you start with a beautiful and high-end badge, choose an imitation enamel badge.

3. Stamping Badges

The badge materials generally used for stamping badges are copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called metal badges. Among them, because copper is the softest and most suitable for making badges, the lines of copper-pressed badges are the clearest, followed by zinc alloy badges, and the price of the corresponding copper-pressed badges is also the highest. The surface of stamping badges can be done with various electroplating effects, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, ancient silver plating and other plating effects. The concave part of the stamped badge can also be processed into a frosted effect.

4. Printing Badges

Divided into screen printing, lithographic printing. It is also generally called a glue badge, because the final process of the badge is to add a layer of transparent protective resin on the surface of the badge. The materials used are mainly stainless steel and bronze. Bronze back effect, the copper or stainless steel surface of the printed badge is not electroplated, but natural or brushed.

Screen-printed badges are primarily aimed at simple graphics and fewer colors.

Lithographic printing: for complex patterns, more colors, especially gradient colors.

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HYC Signage Label Logo Production CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer specializing in badge customization. After years of unremitting efforts, we have accumulated a lot of experience. Club badges can be used as high-end forms of expression such as identity, occupation, honor, and art. The club badge produced by the company is durable. For custom club badges, please contact us at +86-18861793982 or email