Brooch, the incarnation of a woman's sophistication

The brooch is the precipitation of a woman's wisdom. Do you know the introduction, suppliers, wearing methods and wearing skills of brooches? If you don't know, come and learn!

Brooch Introduction

The brooch is well-deserved as the creation of the trend, because it has never been far from the trend. Even the brooches from many years ago, now through a variety of innovative ideas and ways of wearing, no longer give people an old-fashioned feeling, but become a fashion accessory, creating a unique and unimaginable look. Brooches, as the name suggests, are ornaments worn on the chest, however brooches have been placed in more and more places to add luster to our overall attire. Ms. Chanel said: "The brooch is very practical, it can be pinned on the collar of a suit, on the pocket, on the hat, on the belt or on the evening dress." Today we will talk about the various ways of wearing brooches. Hope Can give you some inspiration.

How to wear a brooch

1. The side of the chest

In the brooch wearing manual, wearing it on the side of the chest is the most classic way, and it is also the most error-free way to wear it, suitable for any occasion. From the royal family to the political arena, brooches are almost a symbol of the noble and elegant temperament of these women. When it comes to brooches, one person I have to mention is the Queen of England. She wears a brooch that can probably go around the earth in a circle. She will also use the same brooch to match different clothes. This ruby brooch, which she wore from a young age to an old age, really witnessed the Queen's years.

2, the middle of the neckline

However, we sometimes wear clothes not to make mistakes, so there are some advanced ways to wear them. For example, wearing a brooch at the neckline will also present a completely different style, which not only embellishes the monotony of the collar, but also highlights the chic and detailed highlights of the brooch. This way of wearing is somewhat similar to the role of a bow tie. There are many solid-colored coats in autumn and winter, and we can change their monotony with exaggerated brooch accessories. It will not steal the limelight of the whole dress, but also greatly add points to the shape, and easily improve the elegant taste. If it is a casual occasion such as a party, you can also wear the brooch behind the collar like this, which is fashionable and eye-catching.

3. Waist

When the brooch appears in the middle of the waist, in addition to the decorative effect, it also presents a unique beauty, connecting the charm of the mix and match between fashions. It is also a common way to pin a brooch around your waist, especially for women with thin waists, it can instantly attract other people's eyes to your waist. Pinned on the waist is another style, usually as an embellishment of the dress. Starting from the waist as the decoration of the skirt, the blend of simplicity and complexity, the amazingness of walking is even more unforgettable. The brooch can also be used as a cufflink on the sleeve, and it is the secret weapon to save the solid color shirt.

4. Coat pockets

Winter coats generally have large pockets, and it is also a good idea to embellish the brooch at the pocket. However, it is not recommended to poke down jackets. This method is more suitable for the texture of woolen coats.

5. Creative wear

As long as there is unlimited creativity, the brooch can be worn in any position, showing a unique way of wearing it, making the shape new and unique.



How to wear a brooch

One brooch, thousands of combinations, only those who know how to coordinate the relationship between brooches and themselves can see the most beautiful brooch.

Pinning a brooch on the chest is the most basic way to wear a brooch, and it is divided into left chest and right chest: if you wear clothes with a tie, the brooch is worn on the left chest; otherwise, if you wear clothes without a tie, the brooch is worn on the right chest; Wear on the right side if your hair is on the left side, and on the left side if you don't.

I usually wear suits and shirts when I go to work and commute. The choice of brooches should not be too exaggerated. The simple and unique shape can be just right and not dazzling. Generally, brooches can be made of pearls and crystals. If it is a business negotiation, follow the simple and textured small brooches and wear them on the lapel of the suit.

If it is a festive occasion such as a small party or a wedding banquet, choose a brooch in the shape of a flower, which is appropriate for the occasion. If it is an annual meeting, party, etc., you can be bold and bold, and choose a larger and more eye-catching material, so that it will be more eye-catching when worn on the dress.

When wearing a brooch, you also need to pay attention to matching different brooches according to different face shapes, so as to avoid the shortcomings and highlight the advantages.

Generally speaking, people with round faces should choose a straight-line shape, which has an illusion of extension; people with inverted triangular faces can choose horizontal and round brooches, avoiding the bottom of the face, which increases the softness of the face and does not Makes people feel so mean.

The brooch is the wisdom of a woman's precipitation. It is not like necklaces, earrings or bracelets decorated with strong features, it is a woman's heart, a woman's weapon, the embodiment of sophistication. Different brooches can show different dressing styles, quiet, elegant, sweet, unique... Not everyone has the habit of wearing brooches, but once they wear brooches, they will give others a kind of meticulous care. The feeling of dressing up gives a thoughtful and refined impression of elegance.

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