Where did escort services first appear?

If you delve into the history of the profession, you will find that the escort was popular in ancient Greece.


Ancient Greece is a state in which this type of “relationship” was actively practiced and had high popularity several millennia ago. Every rich man could be used by the services of such priestesses of love and it was absolutely legal. Moreover, such women were divided into different castes: pornai (harlots) and getters (companions). Pornai were beaten as slaves, had so-called "pimps". Getters, on the contrary, are free: they were admired, writers made them their muses, politicians - mistresses.


Escort services are indeed allowed at the legislative level, and escorting rich men with beautiful girls is absolutely legal, but no one forbids cute creatures to provide intimate services to a client, of course, for a fee.

Perhaps it looks like pimping, but only from a moral and ethical point of view. According to the law, everything is legal, because the payment is accepted only for the escort, which the law allows. Of course, without the support of persons in the highest strata of power, the creation of such agencies would never have become permissible.

In fact, this business entity is an official taxpayer, will always issue a check, and also accepts payment by bank card.


The fee that a girl receives for a business evening with a continuation ranges from 500-700 US dollars. If the customer wants to see her in a specific image, makeup, dress, he buys all the clothes, accessories and pays for the services of a beauty salon.

If the customer wants to use the services of an escort for 3 days along with intimacy, he should pay 2-4 thousand dollars.

If a client wants to take a girl on vacation, then a week's pleasure will cost him 6-7 thousand dollars. If two ladies go on vacation, the cost increases to 10 thousand. But do not forget about the individual whims of the client: oral sex with a massage at night or a lesbian show in the evening. At this time, the escorters are on full support of the client, from food to payment for mobile communications.

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