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Today I did not introduce to you the digital die-cutting process, the development status, working principle, technical advantages and suppliers of label die-cutting.

The label post-printing process usually refers to a series of processes such as die-cutting, lamination, glazing, bronzing, and embossing that are performed after the label is printed to enhance the aesthetics of the product and enhance the product characteristics. Among them, die-cutting is an indispensable process for label forming. In recent years, the pace of innovation has been accelerating, and it has become an important driving force to promote the profit upgrade and transformation and upgrading of the label printing industry. At present, the domestic label die-cutting process is moving towards digital, intelligent, functional Development in the direction of integration and linkage.

Print Die Cut Metal Label

Development Status of Label Die Cutting

1. From the perspective of the development of the types of die-cutting machines, die-cutting machines, as one of the main equipment for post-printing label processing, are constantly being updated. It has developed into various forms such as today's automatic flat die-cutting machine, circular die-cutting machine, etc., which can basically meet the needs of the domestic market for die-cutting equipment.

2. From the perspective of the development of die-cutting process, the common label die-cutting processes on the market can be divided into CNC engraving, flat pressing, round pressing, digital die-cutting and so on. Among them, the CNC engraving process is mainly controlled by computer software for cutting, which does not require plate making, but the speed is slow, which is more suitable for some proofing or short orders.

3. The flat die-cutting process mainly adopts the continuous pressing of the flat die-cutting plate to realize die-cutting. The advantage of this process is that the cost of plate making is cheaper than that of the circular die-cutting process. The disadvantage is that the operation is more difficult and requires professional The die-cutting master operates, and the vibration emitted by the machine is larger than that of the circular die-cutting machine, and the production speed is not as fast as that of the circular die-cutting machine.

4. The circular die-cutting process currently uses magnetic die-cutting in the market, which consists of two parts: a magnetic roller and a blade. Die-cutting methods are divided into two types: full-rotation and intermittent. Among them, intermittent circular die-cutting can realize die-cutting only by changing the blade according to different products, which greatly reduces the cost of plate-making. The advantages of the circular die-cutting process are fast speed and high efficiency, which is more suitable for medium and long single die-cutting, and the circular die-cutting machine is easy to debug, can be operated without high-tech talents, and has low labor costs; the disadvantage is that the magnetic The cost of the roll is higher, and the price of the die-cutting machine is higher than that of the flat-bed die-cutting machine.

How Digital Die Cutting Works

Digital die-cutting refers to laser die-cutting and drag-blade cutting, but usually refers to laser die-cutting. Laser die-cutting is a process in which a high-energy-density laser beam is used to locally irradiate the surface of raw materials to form vaporization grooves and complete laser die-cutting. Since laser die-cutting does not require a die-cutting plate in the die-cutting process, it is a non-contact die-cutting, and no pressure is generated during die-cutting, which can effectively avoid problems such as deformation at the incision of the workpiece, and improve the die-cutting compression performance.

1. Material selection

In terms of material selection, non-metallic materials include various types of coated paper, matte paper, synthetic paper, PP, PETD film and other label materials, and some metal materials including aluminum foil, copper foil, etc., can be die-cut by digital die-cutting machine. .

2. Laser power adjustment

The digital laser die-cutting machine is composed of two parts: the feeding and discharging mechanism and the laser die-cutting system. Among them, the retracting and discharging mechanism is the same as the traditional die-cutting machine, as long as the tension of the retracting and discharging material is adjusted, and the laser die-cutting system needs to pay attention to adjusting the power of its laser during die-cutting, which is particularly important.

3. Laser system software compatibility

Taking the laser die-cutting machine of Wenzhou Diancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example, the laser system software of this machine can be compatible with various computer systems.

With the development of digital printing technology, the consumer market has more and more demands for short and medium versions, personalized and variable data, and digital die-cutting technology came into being.

Advantages of digital die cutting technology

Compared with the traditional die-cutting process, the digital die-cutting process has a strong competitive advantage in terms of production efficiency and flexibility, and is gradually developing towards the mainstream application in the market. Digital die cutting has many advantages from a process point of view.

1. Personalization and high precision

In terms of flexibility, the digital die-cutting process can move the laser port in any direction during die-cutting, and can die-cut any desired complex shape, and the shape of each die-cutting unit can be changed during operation. This ensures personalized label die-cutting.

2. No plate making, high efficiency

Digital die-cutting does not require die-cutting plates, nor does it need to use other tools to punch holes and cut out the desired shape on the material; it can respond immediately according to customer requirements, saving the time of making die-cutting plates and changing jobs. Fast, short production cycle, high production efficiency. In addition, digital die cutting can efficiently carry out scratching operations, and the scratch pattern can be modified at any time without interrupting production, which greatly saves production time.

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