City pet text President adult enough! Txt complete works

City pet text "President adult enough!" Txt complete worksCity pet text "President adult enough!" Txt complete works


Hai Zhiyuan looked serious. "I'm not joking with you.". If you can't guarantee your future, what's the harm in taking half of his property! It's your choice whether you want to earn your own living or live a carefree life on his property. Hai Xiaotang, of course, chose the former. "Grandpa, if I don't accept his kindness, I can earn my own living." You don't care if he owes you, but Grandpa does. In short, you choose one of the two, or Grandpa will not stop! The old man said with great dignity. Hai Zhiyuan spent almost all his life fighting in the battlefield and the army. Until now, he has a murderous look that seeps into his bones. He is not a weak old man. Hai Xiaotang divorced, although he did not make a statement, but it does not mean that he let Dongfang Yu go. 、168. No Chapter 168 he really likes you. Fortunately, Dongfang Yu is doing well at present, otherwise he will never give up. Since Dongfang Yu intends to pave the way for Hai Xiaotang, he will not refuse. No matter what Hai Xiaotang thinks, in short, he only recognizes one truth, Dongfang Yu's arrangement is 100% beneficial to Hai Xiaotang. If he accepts it,uns s31803 sheet, he will force Hai Xiaotang to accept it, even if she is disgusted. Because he knew that one day, Hai Xiaotang would have a good life because of his present choice. Hai Xiaotang probably understood what he meant, but she really didn't want to accept it. However, Grandpa was well-intentioned, and she had to accept it. She couldn't accept it. After some consideration, Hai Xiaotang accepted the arrangement to study at C University. …… The next morning,x60 line pipe, Hai Xiaotang set out to report to C University. Grandpa did not come with her, saying that he wanted her to learn to be independent from now on. Hai Xiaotang is not going to ask him to come. She made an appointment with Jonin, and it was enough for Jonin to accompany her. Qiao Ning waited at the school gate very early, and when she saw Hai Xiaotang coming out of the car, she went up happily. Xiaotang, are you really going to study at C University? I was so happy to hear you say that last night, and I still don't feel real. In fact, Hai Xiaotang himself feels unreal. "It's true," she laughed. Look, this is the notice. She dug out the notice from her bag and handed it to her. Qiao Ning looked at it and said happily, "It's a notice from our C University.". Xiaotang, you are so awesome. How did you get this notice? Two people know each other, Qiao Ning naturally knows that this notice is to open a special channel to get. Hai Xiaotang coughed shyly. "It was Dongfang Yu who got it. He insisted that I come, x70 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, so I came." Aren't you all divorced? He's still so good to you. Qiao Ning immediately envied, "Xiaotang, Dongfang Yu really likes you, otherwise they are divorced, why should they help you so much?" "I didn't ask him for alimony. He was making it up to me." Hai Xiaotang said lightly. But I feel that he really likes you. When you were injured, you didn't know how scary he looked. He was worried about you at that time. Hai Xiaotang heard no feeling, "he likes me, but I don't like him." Jon didn't understand. "Why did you marry him if you didn't like him?" Hai Xiaotang did not want to continue this topic and pulled Qiao Ning to run to the campus. Let's not talk about this. Let's go to report it. Don't you have classes later? Don't waste time. Two people rushed to the Academic Affairs Office to report that the teacher of the Academic Affairs Office had been waiting for her. See Hai Xiaotang came, very enthusiastic to help her go through the formalities, even her textbooks are ready. Xiaotang, you can go to class tomorrow. This is the class schedule. Although you are in class today, you are not familiar with the school. Let's get familiar with it today. The teacher said to her leniently. Hai Xiaotang thanked the teacher and left with Qiao Ning. Xiaotang, are you going to class today? Jonin asked her. Hai Xiaotang touched the textbook in his arms and felt very complicated. She finally returned to the campus, for the sake of Dongfang Yu, she gave up college decisively and never regretted it. But after rebirth, she regretted it. Fortunately, she still has a chance to go back to school. Hai Xiaotang nodded firmly: "Of course I want to go. I know little. If I miss a class, I will miss a lot of knowledge.". Jon, I'm not familiar with this place. Please take me to the classroom. ” 、169. No Chapter 169 can't be driven away. Jonin smiled. "Okay, I'll take you.". At noon, we went to the canteen to eat together. "Good!" Hai Xiaotang came very early, so when she arrived at the classroom, the class had not started yet. She came to class as a freshman, and the students in the class were not familiar with each other, so no one knew that she just came today. With Hai Xiaotang sitting in the corner, no one paid any attention to her. Returning to the classroom, Hai Xiaotang's heart has always been very emotional. And learning is also very serious, because she has only one chance to do it again, can not waste time. Otherwise, she won't have a second chance to be reborn. At the end of the day, Hai Xiaotang learned a lot of knowledge, even if the teacher said she still did not understand. But Hai Xiaotang is not discouraged, she believes that after a period of adaptation, she will be able to catch up with the progress. When Hai Xiaotang drove home, it was already dinner time. Carrying a big bag of books, she excitedly entered the living room and shouted, "Grandpa, I'm back from school!" " She deliberately added the word "after school" because she is a student now. As a result, besides Grandpa, there is Dongfang Yu in the living room! Hai Xiaotang's smile immediately collapsed. She looked at him unhappily. "Why are you here again?"? Who let him in? Didn't I say yesterday that no one was allowed to let him in? The old man deliberately kept a straight face. "You girl, do you want to ask Grandpa for punishment?"? I let him in. Hai Xiaotang: "…" She went over to put down her schoolbag and stared at Dongfang Yu discontentedly. "What are you doing here again?" Isn't he very busy? It's been a long time since I saw him. He has been coming here every day recently,x52 line pipe, but he can't be driven away. He is too thick-skinned. Dongfang Yu was not angry either. He said lightly, "Of course I have something to do. As for what it is, I think we should talk about it after dinner." 。