The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155358.

The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155358.The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155358.The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155358.


Up to nearly 100 meters high wall, whoosh, jumped on twenty or thirty people, each one is the same soft armor battle skirt, face covered with a mask, also did not rush to jump down, but or stand or sit, and above the main entrance, also stood seven or eight people, but is a respectful guard around one person, seems to be Yang Ye. Peng's loud noise, under the broken fist of the stone crack sky, across the gate, directly breaking the bolt can be said to be easy, creaking, two huge iron doors were slowly pushed open, and the remaining dozens of masked pro-guards poured in together. Tut, playing a camouflage, thinking that this will be able to muddle through, dream, brothers, do not give me polite, do not give me a leak in the past, as long as you do not kill, beat casually! Bai Qihu looked at these indistinguishable people, immediately high morale, it seems a little interesting ah! "Yes, as long as you can't kill him, I'll beat him up as well!" This, Yang Ye is said with ventriloquism, since you do not give face, Yang Ye naturally will not show mercy. Chapter 287 camouflage, side detour. "Go!" Hundreds of Mu Tianhou mansion QinWei got the order, without the slightest hesitation, on the wall of the direct jump down, and blocked in the front door,facial recognization camera, is a swarm of rushed in, peace Hou mansion forecourt area is not small, there are thousands of square meters, a cross green brick road, both sides leading to the side chamber, one end into the courtyard, and blocked in here, is peace Hou mansion invited to help boxing relatives, friends, And Hou Fu QinWei, the number is no less than a hundred. Mu Tian Hou Fu's bride snatching team was like a flood, roaring and rushing to the guards of Ping'an Hou Fu who also came up. But rushed to the front of the team, but is one of Yang Ye's close guard stone crack day,face recognition identification kiosk, watching hundreds of people on both sides will collide together, stone crack day is suddenly stopped, swing bowl big fist, fiercely toward the ground mercilessly hit: "crack landslide!" The vigorous power of the earth's soul, like the ripples on the surface of the water, swings into the ground, and the ground suddenly shakes like a carpet, with the fist of the stone cracking the sky as the center, spreading and trembling around, making the people who rush forward play a pendulum, as if they had drunk too much wine and stepped on cotton. Peng, strong fist force in hitting the ground, but also set off a strong gas, directly spread on the ground to shake up the gold coins, like a fountain jumped up, forming a barrier of gold coins between the two sides. Broken empty! As soon as the body of the stone cracked, an invisible force suddenly surged out, and the gold coins that were rolled into the air were like loaded bullets one by one, and then, under the urging of this thick invisible force, a buzzing sound of metal was emitted, forming a golden rain, which hit forward. Hum Bai Qihu snorted coldly, but his arms crossed a Tai Chi in front of his chest. Suddenly, the space in front of his chest formed a whirlpool of water, Interactive digital signage ,temperature screening kiosk, just like a black hole. He took in all the metal storms shot out of the stone cracking sky: "I've heard for a long time that there is a domineering guy in the retainers of Mu Tian Hou Fu. It seems that it's you!"! But in front of the Sixth Master, it's not your turn to be rampant! "An eye for an eye, take it!" White Qi tiger arms reverse, suddenly that clockwise movement of the water, suddenly stuck in the shell, and then, on the Peng, burst open, countless splashes, accompanied by gold coins refracting light, with a screaming sound, reflected back. Stone crack day arms folded in front of the chest, soul power operation, suddenly a thick rock shield formed in front of the body, whoosh, whoosh, flying gold coins directly hit the rock shield, either embedded in half a minute, or was ejected, although in the center of the explosion, but the water can not be splashed in. But around the stone crack day, around those people, can not have his such abnormal defense soul skill, even many people did not react to come over, was this like a bullet flying out of the gold coins to sweep. Poof, the gold coin flew over, immediately brought a splash, a person's shoulder was cut off three points, whoosh, whoosh, and a few puffs, a person's chest was directly shot out of three holes that the naked eye could see through, and the strange thing was that the person did not even splash a drop of blood. Peng, like a shot in the head, a gold coin directly hit the mask of an unlucky person, suddenly the mask could not bear the sharp blow, broken open, and then, is the head, Peng broke open, no red, white, only a splash, wow, the head is gone, suddenly like a basin of water sprinkled, flowing on the ground. Everything happened in a flash of lightning. The next moment, more than 200 people from both sides collided directly, while the one who robbed the bride was defeated in an instant. The body was like a balloon, which was filled with water and exploded as soon as it was hit. Countless splashes of water were almost in time for the Water Sprinkling Festival. Damn it, it's the water! Bai Qihu's complexion is somewhat gloomy. Soul skill water Fen Shen can be regarded as a top soul skill. Summoning water Fen Shen requires the consumption of soul power and mental power, and the strength of mental power determines the number of water Fen-Shen. As a water soul master, Bai Qihu is no stranger to this soul skill. Water Fen Shen, not a gifted soul skill, is a learnable soul skill, which he has mastered, but he can support up to six water Fen Shen, and lasts no more than three minutes, it will be mentally exhausted, and usually the number of water Fen Shen is inversely proportional to the strength of the water Fen-Shen can display, summon it out, and then control it. You have to be distracted to control it, and so far, the strongest water soul division, even with the support of gifted soul skills, can summon and control the number of water Fen Shen with 50% of the body's combat power is only 36. Although the face of these water Fen body strength is almost negligible, but the number is exclamation, only this point, Bai Qihu is willing to bow to the wind, I do not know who can control so many water Fen body? "No, worse!" Bai Qihu thought in his heart, but did not stop in his hands, once again smashed a water dummy, water droplets splashed on his face, Bai Qihu's brain flashed a flash of light, if all here are water Fen Shen, then. "Damn, five elder brothers,interactive kiosk price, hurry to the back, that boy is playing a diversion, here is a camouflage!" Qi Baihu turned his head and shouted loudly.