Three knives

Three knivesThree knivesThree knivesThree knivesThree knivesThree knivesThree knives


"Why are your eyes so bright?" Asked Mo Sandao with a smile. Hua Meng was stunned and pressed his backhand on his face, wiping half of his face with charcoal ash. As soon as Mo Sandao closed his eyes, he accepted it. He immediately opened one eye and said, "You're so vindictive. Aren't you afraid that no one will dare to take it in the future?" Hua Meng was in a panic, but pretended to be calm and said, "The ancients said that it is impolite to come but not to go." Mo Sandao laughed. Hua Meng wiped two more palms of charcoal ash, rubbed his hot face, and slowly rubbed the color on it evenly. Then he scratched his hair and turned to look at Mo San Dao. He took a linen square towel from somewhere to cover his face. Under his messy bangs, he showed his thick black eyebrows and bright tiger eyes. "So much for the transfiguration of the ghost thief," said Hua Meng. "I don't want to steal your limelight," said Mo Sandao. Chapter 44 Bai Yan (5). At the end of the transfiguration, the two of them quietly climbed out of the wall. While the crowd was whispering to each other in front of the pavilion, Hua Meng shouted at the top of her voice and pushed into the crowd: "Oh, it's a shame!"! I was in a hurry to go to the toilet, but I didn't expect to rush into a kitchen. The smoke was so thick that I fell down and ate shit. I opened my eyes and went to the edge of the stove hole. I almost burned my face! A "black-faced Lord Bao" suddenly appeared in front of the crowd. With a shock, he looked closely at his figure and dress, and recognized that he was the smallest handsome young man in the "gang of adults and villains." He immediately clapped his hands and laughed, and threw back his head. Mo San Dao followed the flower dream,white marble slabs, lowered his head, shocked by the emotional acting. Amid the laughter, the bearded man came forward and said to Hua Meng with concern, "Would you like to go into the room and wash your face first?" "No, no," said Hua Meng with a wave of her hand. "Just now I went to the latrine, and I've already delayed everyone for a long time. I'll go to wash after the competition." The bearded man nodded thoughtfully and then looked at the masked Mo Sandao. "Then this young man is.." "I choked my throat with the smoke,white marble mosaic," said Hua Meng. "I coughed all the way. I was afraid he would cough the dirt into your wine later, so I let him cover his mouth and nose." As he spoke, he took his elbow and gave Mo three knives and a crutch. Mo Sandao frowned: "Cough!" Bearded man: "… …" Hua Meng looked around and saw that the Emei Sect and the Hengshan Sect, which had entered the semi-finals, had not yet come out. In front of the table were three teenagers from the Tianxing Sect. He expected that the semi-finals had not yet started. He was proud and was about to ask Bai Yan, a bearded man, where he was. Suddenly he heard Mo Sandao howling on the side. He turned to look and was surprised to see that he had been grabbed by a hand in his ear. Look at the owner of this hand again, one is stupefied. Mo San Dao is also stupefied. A Dong blushed, let go of his hand, and looked up at Bai Yan. With drooping eyelids, Bai Yan stared at the two men in front of him. "I'm going to dig you in the latrine." Mo Sandao let out a few dry laughs from his mask. The flower dream is full of business, for fear of missing the game, he asked: "When will we play?" Bai Yanpi smiled and said, Agate Stone Price ,Artificial Marble Slabs, "I have finished the competition." Hua Meng and Mo Sandao were both shocked, and before they could react, they suddenly saw a Dong in Bai Yan's arms shaking and burping. For a moment, the smell of alcohol went up my nose. Hua Meng: "… …" Mo Sandao: "… …" Hua Meng said, "Did you win?" "Of course," Bai Yan snorted. Hua Meng breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look into the crowd again. Only then did he see that the members of the Emei and Hengshan sects had become drunken spectators. Look at Bai Yan again, but his face does not change color, unperturbed, but a Dong's face is red, can not help swallowing saliva: "You will not." Did you give all the wine to Ah Dong? "Just three or two cups," said Bai Yanyun. Mo Sandao drew his lips and said, "You've probably been fined three or two cups in total, haven't you?" Bai Yanfu snorted and did not answer. The three of them were chatting when the bearded man asked them to take their seats. The final is coming. The wall of onlookers was getting thicker and thicker, but their voices were getting lower and lower. They all stared at each other, looked up at the table, and saw five maids in red shirts and green temples coming from the door of the pavilion. The first two had a pot of wine and a small chrysanthemum in the mahogany tray in their hands, and the last two had ten blue and white porcelain cups in the mahogany tray. The last mahogany tray was filled with dice. Close to the edge of the table, five people put the things in the tray neatly on the table, star faction, adults and small people in front of each set, finished, Shi Shiran stepped down. The bearded man announced to the crowd: "The finals have begun. Please guess the order of flowers. The Star Ferry Sect and the Little People's Gang will roll the dice first and decide to go up and down Cao!" As soon as Mo Sandao heard this, he was overjoyed. "This young master knows how to play," he said. The so-called guessing-flower order is a kind of drinking game in which rewards and punishments are decided by guessing flowers or not. First, divide the people in the banquet into two groups, take ten wine cups upside down on the plate, and let Cao Cao hide a flower under one of the wine cups. If the guess is wrong and the cup is empty, fill the cup and drink separately. If the guess is right and the flower is uncovered, the rest of the empty cup will be filled and drunk by Cao. There are the first time to guess, also guess nine times did not guess right, this is called "total not out", the next round is still by the upper Cao Zang Hua, the lower Cao continue to guess. If it is not completely out, then the next round of Cao Zang Hua, Cao Jie guess. And so on, until one group is completely drunk, the other group is the winner. Mo San Dao once played with people in Sanjin Xiaozhu. He immediately took the dice and threw five points. A young man in a green shirt in the Tianxing Sect threw six points. Then the Tianxing Sect was Cao and hid flowers first. As soon as the bearded man waved his hand, four servant girls each held a curtain to cover a wine table and the three men of the Star Ferry faction in all directions. The crowd of onlookers all looked around, but they could not see the scene behind the cloth. When the Tianxing Sect had finished hiding the flowers, the servant girl removed the curtain and stepped down. Mo Sandao looked down at the ten upside down wine glasses in front of him. After thinking about it, he turned to Hua Meng and said, "Are you coming?" "If I guess wrong,Nero Marquina Marble Slab," said Hua Meng, "will you drink for me?" Mo Sandao nodded and said, "No problem." 。