with the opening of the host's tricks

with the opening of the host's tricks, the atmosphere was immediately stirred up and then ushered in one by one. The word "wonderful" was not enough to show the host's ability.


After a little delay, the stars behind them had already arrived, and Jack and Ruth, as well as several American Crispy Fried Chicken that Dawn had met during the promotion of the film, came up to greet her. Ask why a woman is so popular, and you have to start with her terrible wine. On the last day of the promotion, she was invited to attend a small social dinner to meet these big names. The result of being lashed out was that she was drunk and gibberish. Each handsome male star promised to write a film for each other, as long as the other would take a wedding photo with her. Even when she was drunk, she still remembered the great wish of her hundred bridegrooms. Married or unmarried, she kills all at the same rate. After sobering up the next day, looking at the wedding photos of the same bride and different bridegrooms delivered by express delivery, she had the heart to die, so she finally had to flee back to China. But from then on, they, who were obviously not very familiar with each other, became friends because of the Oolong incident. After all, she was their little bride. As for the script she promised, God knows when it will be fulfilled. Today, Dawn is definitely the most dazzling red carpet queen. From the escort around her, we can see that all of them are Hollywood's first-line stars. I didn't expect Miss Chenxi to be so popular in the circle. The reporter of a certain station spat at the camera excitedly, talked a lot, and was very happy to gossip. The owner of MragR, who was sitting in his office watching the live TV broadcast, was completely shocked by the image in front of him,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and stood opposite him with a proud face of Alisa. Pointing to the dawn dress, pointing to her again, mouth is open and close, close and open, a long time, "it is true." Alisa, oh, dear little Sasha,304 Stainless Steel Bar, you are so wonderful. I am proud of you. Rushing forward, he was so excited that he wanted to kiss his subordinates, but the other side had already dodged. I knew you were the most powerful designer in this group. From today on, your internship is over. Now I officially appoint you as the designer of our company. The designer of the dawn dress needs a resounding name, and I believe that after the end of this year's Oscar, their MragR will be on a higher level. To be continued, if you want to know what's going on, please log in m, more chapters, support for making, support genuine reading! Chapter 189 the temptation of the Golden Statuette. Entering the Grand Theater, which can hold 3,400 people, the morning light said to everyone, "I'm here, you seem to be far away." Several people familiar with her, except Conerson, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, have their works competing for awards, and with their fame, the program will naturally arrange them in prominent places, while Dawn, Jack Ruth and others sit in the area designated for the "Titan" crew. How's it going? Are you nervous? Hujelis, played by Jack, pretended to be natural and asked Chenxi, not knowing that he had betrayed himself with a stiff neck and straight eyes. Fair to middling Without any trace, he looked at his sweaty hand, his right hand kept turning the ring of his left little finger, and the dawn replied. You don't have to be nervous. Your acting is very good, and Titan's box office is so good that it should be no problem. After listening to her words and scratching his head awkwardly, Hujlis did not expect to be comforted by the dawn when he first came to the Kodak Theatre, but he was really nervous at the moment. This is not the first time he has come to this sacred hall. He has fought several times before without success, but at that time he knew clearly that his strength was limited and not enough to win the golden statuette. But this time, he is infinitely close to hope, close to the peak. People are so strange that once they are too attached to something or a belief, they will lose their reason and even lose control of themselves. His opponents are all very strong. The director sitting on the right side of the dawn not only did not comfort Hujelis, but poured cold water on him. Allen, the darling of the judges, seems to be born to be an award-winning professional. He is a worthy Hollywood movie star. He has been praised by critics for his superb acting skills, saying that there is no role in the world that he can't create. The film Star Mission, starring him, once clung to the tail of Titan. Pointing to the man talking and laughing in the distance at dawn, the director introduced. I only know the actors I have worked with, and I don't know anything about the rest of the dawn. So it should belong to Tony Leung Chiu Wai. And then there's the weird guy over there, Avery, known as the bad boy, who made a name for himself with just one hot-blooded movie and is loved by teenagers. His latest film, Unicorn, deals with such fringe topics as homosexuality, so people are wondering whether he will be a big surprise. After listening to the introduction, Chenxi knew that this was undoubtedly another big competition. Finally, Brady, the eternal gentleman, the old entertainer, is still active on the big screen even though he is over fifty years old. The reason why the director introduced the other side in such detail is only one aspect. The more important thing is to let Hujelis calm down. It's good to win the golden statuette in the end. Don't lose heart if you don't have it. After all, the opponent is so strong. Because of the notarization of the Oscar, no artist patted his chest before the opening ceremony to ensure that he would win the prize. Now, everyone is probing the enemy's situation and analyzing their chances of winning. When the audience was seated, Oscar finally opened her mysterious curtain. With the opening of the host's tricks, the atmosphere was immediately stirred up and then ushered in one by one. The word "wonderful" was not enough to show the host's ability. After a "Cat" by the famous female singer Tondy, exciting awards began to be given. Some technical awards, such as the best score and the best editing, were awarded one after another in the performance. Looking at them standing on the stage with tears in their eyes, too excited to control themselves, and even incoherent, Chenxi sighed from the bottom of his heart that all this was so real, how much they loved the art of film, and how happy they should be now with the highest affirmation? Watching each winner kissing the golden statuette crazily, seeing that after stepping down, they could not wait to hand the golden statuette to their friends in the crew to watch,brushed stainless steel sheet, pursing their lips and looking at the morning light of the Golden Statuette in a trance, they suddenly envied them. Speaking of. Titan has already won two golden statuettes. The guest on the stage suddenly said so. After all, the strength of Titan is in front of us. It's obvious to all. It's just that the audience can't stop being curious. What does he mean by this. sxthsteel.com