What else can I do if I can't bear it?

What can I do? What else can I do if I can't bear it? You are not with ordinary people, it is difficult to bear their humble origin, a pot with four teacups


Feng yuan stared at him with chagrin. When he knew that his brother-in-law had a relationship with the little widow, he was full of disapproval, but when he saw that his brother-in-law was sticking to the widow like something, he wanted to tie it to the waist of his trousers, so he did not dissuade him. Thought that with that identity, can not enter the Tong family, he was afraid of his brother-in-law because of her discord with the family, at this time a thought, then the idea is simply ridiculous, brother-in-law where is an infatuated lover, is clearly an affectionate seed. Tong Gu didn't care about his brother-in-law's eye knife either. He suddenly glanced at Feng yuan and smiled meaningfully: "When it comes to treating women, you can't just coax them, and you can't just beat and scold them.". Coaxing is easy to coax out a little ancestor. Beating and scolding are fierce. The more they are beaten, the more angry they are. The more soft they are, the more face they have, and they directly become soft dough. A puppet, a mad dog, do you still want it? A woman is a horse. She has to be trained. When the horse gets rid of its impetuosity, you can ride it honestly, even if it is successfully trained. If you only know how to ride foolishly, sooner or later you will be thrown down and trampled to death by the horse; if you only know how to whip, the horse will not serve you even if it is smashed. You have to let the horse know that you are its master and that it is born for you. Women have to be tamed as well. How to tame? Is to let her know that you can do without her. But she can't do it without you. Seeing her brother-in-law thoughtfully, Tong Guhao waved his hand and said, "Don't let my brother-in-law go today. Stay here for one night, and let a wild cat be in a hurry. Let her know that you, Feng yuan,304 Stainless Steel Wire, don't have to be her." "Cough what wild cat?" Feng yuan plays dumb. Tong Gu winked his eyes and pointed to the red road on his neck. He bared his white teeth and said, "I saw it all. Was it scratched by a wild cat?"? Who is so bold? Brother-in-law, you are too spoiled. Is it the new favorite or the original little green warbler? "What nonsense? I mean, how did you get me involved?". My neck was really scratched by a cat. There were several wild cats in the house. When it came to calling for spring, they were so fierce that they attacked me. Feng yuan put the cup of wine on the table with a thump, as if to create momentum for himself, and explained it seriously. He came as soon as he left the government office, and today he was deliberately dressed in an official uniform, covering half of his neck. Invisible,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Tong Gu can see, as expected eye fine. My brother-in-law is fooling me again. It's not spring yet. What's the cat's name? Tong Gu was so drunk that he burped and did not forget to correct it seriously. However, Feng yuan immediately frowned, and his complexion was not good: "Can a woman's maiden name be called casually?" "Yes, yes, yes, I have offended your Aunt Li. I beg my brother-in-law to forgive me. My younger brother will never dare again." Tong Gu stood up with a cheeky smile and apologized to his brother-in-law. Naughty boy. Feng yuan laughed and scolded. The mouth is not to admit again, but his heart and Tong Gu's words happen to coincide, have to give the green warbler some color to see, a good knock. He lowered his head and sniffed the smell of fragrant powder on his lapel. Fortunately, it was still strong and did not disperse. This was the real purpose of his coming to this pickling place today. Tong Gu naturally stayed in Xiangyue Lou, and Feng yuan said goodbye to him and went home. With the soft sedan chair moving slowly and the bright moon in the sky, he thought of what was going to happen in a moment and smiled with high spirits. Chapter 142 The east wing of the Linglong Courtyard was temporarily used as the boudoir of the little girl Douer. Considering that she was already sensible, it was inconvenient to sleep in the main room again, so she moved here. Bean teeth have grown more than half, as small as a grain of rice, when pursed mouth, the pear nest on the cheek is deep, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, like a blue-eyed spring, grinning makes people feel like bathing in the spring breeze. As soon as I saw her, my worries were naturally much less, and the green warbler stood on one side, her eyes full of love for the small rocking bed. Daughter is the lifeblood, she after a night, calm down only regret, yesterday was too impulsive. Annoyed Feng yuan, if he really cold heart cold feelings, and their own break up, not to say how they will end, that the impact on the beans, is also great. Feng yuanruo vented his anger on himself and treated Dou'er coldly. Dou'er was a concubine. As soon as the new wife entered the door again, how could she attach importance to her? In the future, the girl's upbringing, character and marriage will not be settled. Happiness and misfortune in a woman's life are only related to two points, one is the cultivation of character, the other is marriage, character decides how to do things, marriage decides the environment, both are good, is really good. Life always needs to take two steps back and endure two points. The green warbler is pondering, looking for an opportunity to smooth things over and reconcile with Feng yuan. It seemed that he would not pursue it yesterday, but in fact it was not so easy. Originally planned to cook a few dishes in person, the table sincerely apologized, she estimated that the matter would be solved. But then he was a little discouraged at the thought that he had rested in his study last night and wondered if he would come back today. However, the green warbler secretly decided that if he was still angry and didn't come back, then she would go to invite him to the Buddha in person. Liu Bei could also visit the thatched cottage three times. What was so terrible about her being a woman? She would throw caution to the wind and be thick-skinned. But when she thought about it, she could not help feeling a little bored. The divorce of Feng yuan and Feng Tong had already been decided, and the new wife would definitely enter the door sooner or later. The girl to be married at the age of fifteen was the age of a flower. Look at yourself again. You are eighteen years old. How can you compare with others? Knowledge, family background, style of conversation, none of them can be used. Feng yuan and the bride will meet in the bridal chamber, raise their eyebrows, and have a deep affection for each other. When the time comes, they may be like a speck of dust in the corner, which can easily be brushed away by him. Put up with it. What can I do? What else can I do if I can't bear it? You are not with ordinary people, it is difficult to bear their humble origin, a pot with four teacups, you are doomed to be only one of the four. With a forced laugh, she took a deep breath, gently pushed open the door of the east wing, and called Qiuyun to go to the kitchen together. After the poisoning, Feng yuan allowed Linglong Courtyard to build a small kitchen, and De Mao personally went outside to find a safe helper and cook. The small kitchen opened in a small room in the east corner, built a stove, dug out the hearth, and opened the chimney. Three days to complete, just these two days have been used, but dozens of steps away from the main room, so convenient, but to help the green warbler. The window frames clattered in the cold wind, and the small kitchen was burning with a golden fire, but it was hot. Four dishes and one soup, a few small dishes of cold dishes with wine, the green warbler wiped the sweat, and it was done,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which made people put it into the food box to keep warm, and sent it to the main room against the wind. When he was about to go out with the servant girl, he was stopped by Qiuyun. sxthsteel.com