Phantom Sword Love Flower

In fact, his tone was not tough. Not a threat, but a way to show you the way. The situation is stronger than others.


"That's all you do." Gongsun Yunchang pulled the horse step and said proudly. As soon as the magic hand's face changed, the old man's face could not be hung up. His anger rose from his heart, and his evil went to the edge of his courage. His shame and anger blinded his wisdom. With a loud shout of anger, he rushed up and still drove straight into the palace. His left paw grabbed and buckled in the void, and his right paw emptied and went straight in. The light of the sword flashed, a little at a time. There was no abnormality at the time of the point, but the abnormality suddenly changed when it was brushed. The speed increased three times, and the light was three times as bright. The abnormal sound was like a faint thunder from nine days, and the sword's breath was steep. Click! The right palm of the magic hand is divided in the middle of the heart and cut straight to the middle of the forearm. The sword rainbow flashed three times in a row. The magic hand staggers back, back, eyes wide open, as if to come out of his eyes. I want to scream, but I can't make a sound. On the ground, four arms and two halves of broken palms fell. Eh! Several people on the side of the mountain and the tripod exclaimed in unison, as if they still could not believe the facts they saw in front of them. Oh my God! Mine Hand The impermanence of the magic hand finally made a sound, which was not like a human voice. His hands, three inches below his shoulders, were broken, and blood gushed down like a spring,stainless steel welded pipe, like a curtain of water. Gongsun Yunchang put his sword into the scabbard and said coldly, "I will remove the name of one of your eight demons." "There was a sudden flash of cold electricity in Master Wang's eyes, and he stepped forward with his sword." "Master Wang, stay." Wei Lingxian was cold and cold. His face was gloomy and his eyes were fierce. "I want to meet the Lord of Weilin Castle, who is hidden and has deceived all the Wulin people." "What does the Dharma Protector see?" Asked Master Wang. Infinite True Qi is said to be the unique learning of Zeng Hualong, the first demon God in his early years. "Is it possible?"? —— "Anything in the world is possible." "Xian Chang Neng." "I want to use the law to capture him and force him out of his roots." Gongsun Yunchang heard it clearly and said with a sneer, "Weilingxian,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, you'd better not offer treasures for those sorcery tricks.". When the Infinite True Qi works, the mind is like congealing, and the external demons are invulnerable. Where the True Qi refers to, there is no solid that cannot destroy the iron and melt the gold. Your little way is OK, don't do it! "Since you can see your foundation at a glance, of course you have a magic weapon to restrain the Infinite True Qi." Weilingxian began to move: "Actually, it is not true for the demon God to name this internal skill of reaching the peak and creating the extreme. On the contrary, Infinite should be called Extreme. After using it three or five times, it will reach the extreme. When it is at the end of its strength, it can't wear Lu's stripes. Finally, its spirit is scattered and it can't be recovered.". Your repair is limited. You use it once, and your heart beats twice as fast as usual. Do you think I don't know? Hum! The poor way is to exhaust your True Qi and then manipulate you well. Gongsun Yunchang was frightened, but his tone was still hard: "Wei Lingxian, are you talking about giving yourself courage, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, or deceiving yourself and others to put gold on your face?"? You do it! The clematis's hand fell on the handle of the sword. The name of his sword is Shuanghua, which ranks first among the three famous swords in Wulin. He cuts off gold, cuts jade, and wears copper on the precipice. He controls the sword with his internal strength, and even Xuanmen can't resist a full blow. He doesn't have to use sorcery. Sorcery has limited effect on the master of static kungfu. The Shuanghua Sword is his magic weapon to break the Infinite True Qi. With the sound of dragon singing, the Shuanghua Sword was unsheathed. Treasure light in all directions, reflecting the sun to send out misty dazzling brilliance, crystal awn in all directions to press people's skin and hair, dense cold air makes the people in Zhang feel cold all over. Gongsun Yunchang jumped in his heart and felt that his heartbeat had not only doubled, but perhaps tripled. Immortal long please return, subordinates have to tell the truth. Huahua is too old to cry out in time. Wei Lingxian turned his head to look back and drew back his sword. Moments later, Wei Lingxian came forward again. Gongsun Yunchang has taken advantage of this moment to return and discuss countermeasures with his father. Gongsun Zhou, your father and son both come out. "Let's settle it," said Wei Lingxian with an air of dignity. Qian Kun gritted his teeth with a sword and stepped forward with Gongsun Yunchang. Are you going to let my father and son join hands? Qian Kun Yi Jian said in a deep voice, "Maybe you, Wei Lingxian, are really great, but you are so arrogant.." "Whether to let your father and son join hands or not will be discussed later.". I'll give you a chance to see if you can grasp it. "What chance?" "Renewing the agreement, turning the dark into the light, and cooperating sincerely, will not only give Wellingborough the leadership status it deserves, but also make great profits, which can be said to be both fame and fortune." "Turn darkness into light?" Qian Kun's face changed with a sword. Yes, the poor way can make all the decisions. ” "Humph!"! You want Wellingborough to accept your drive? What do my chivalrous friends say about this? "Lord Yan does not need to mobilize the people of Weilin Fort, but only needs your fame to deter those masters and celebrities who do not measure themselves.". Your chivalrous friends have nothing to say, because you are loyal to the court on the official side, and those who oppose you are rebels and thieves. "This.." "If you refuse, I will use the last resort against you even if I let you escape today." "What is your last resort?" "Use the power of the government to destroy your Weilin Fort.". As long as a paper document, Wei Hui Fu's patrol Ding Yong, will turn Weilin Fort into a rubble field, even if your father and son can escape, will also become an important fugitive to kill. "Are you threatening me?" Qian Kun asked in a harsh voice with a sword. In fact, his tone was not tough. Not a threat, but a way to show you the way. The situation is stronger than others. Don't mistake yourself, sir. You and my people, almost dead, your strength is now vulnerable, do you want to die before you admit defeat? "Humph!"! You are not absolutely sure of winning. "I just want to keep a little bit of vitality.". Of course, if you want to punish the eight of you, the poor people will lose some people as a price. "I still have Lord Takaya." You're still daydreaming. The casualties of Lord Gaogu were even worse. The poor people could be said to have completely dominated his life and death. I'm afraid the three masters, Zhou, Wu and Zheng, had already trapped him to death. "Even if you're not sleepy,304 stainless steel wire, you're not far from death." "Master Zheng has taken his.." said the man who pulled out the mountain and raised the tripod in the back. "Not much to say!" Wei Lingxian turned his head and shouted, which was very dignified. Pulling out the mountain and lifting the tripod, he shut up and dared not tell Master Zheng that he had caught Gao Yanlan.