let's forget it

Chivalrous Song squeezed out an embarrassed smile: "If not, let's forget it." But Chivalrous Song didn't give up in the end.


Time passed slowly in the cold wind sliding under the pine and cypress treetops. After a long time, until the driver's feet were covered with cigarette butts, Yang Zhenbang struggled to stand up slowly. He patted the stone tablet gently. Look at his movements, as if he was greeting his most familiar brother affectionately. Brother, I'll go first. I think before I close my eyes. See more of the world and learn more about China now, so that when I come back to you, I can tell you everything I have seen and heard. "Chivalrous Zhi, I want you to promise me one thing." Yang Zhenbang straightened his waist and said, "After I die, I would like to ask you to send me to the Kangxiwa Martyrs' Cemetery again.". Here, there are my company commander eldest brother, there are so many like-minded brothers, lying here. Not lonely! At this time, Chivalrous Song can't say anything except nodding his head? Chivalrous underground station, is Motuo, he let Yang Zhenbang have a look. Guardians of the Republic living in the worst conditions. Motuo, also known as Baimagang, is one of the most mysterious places in Tibet. The famous religious scriptures in Tibet say: "White Horse Hill, the Pure Land of Buddha, is the most extraordinary among the holy places." These holy places, which are worshipped by believers, have sown infinite temptations to the hearts of many Tibetans. The Menba and Lhoba people in Heituo say that the place where they live is called "Baiyu Xiaofeng Baimagang", which means "a hidden holy place like a lotus flower". In the Buddhist concept, the lotus is a symbol of good luck. Before 2006, it was the only county in China without access to roads. Located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas in southeastern Tibet, the roaring Yarlung Zangbo River, hidden in the vast clouds and mists,Magnesium Sulphate producer, flows through Motuo and runs all the way to India. Mount Namjagbarwa, the seventh highest peak in the world, stands up to block the cold current and let the warm wind of the Indian Ocean blow the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon, moistening the rare "green courtyard" of Motuo, an ice and snow plateau. Motuo County covers an area of 8,000 square kilometers and has only 9,000 residents, but it is located on the north side of the "McMahon Line" and is of great military significance. Since 1962, the Chinese People's Liberation Army has been stationed in Motuo to perform border defense duties and maintain social stability. The driver shook his head like a rattle as soon as he heard that the chivalrous song was going to Motuo. "Don't look at Motuo's car, but now it's late October. Once our car breaks down, we'll be in big trouble.". Where the top of the mountain is among the clouds, the foot of the mountain is by the river, you can hear what you say, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,caustic calcined magnesite, and it takes a day to walk. Even if I send you to Motuo, there is nothing to see. Now Motuo still has a part of its territory occupied by the Indian army. What they occupy are all plains, forests and hills. What you can walk are all high mountains and dense forests. There are brown bears and Bengal tigers in them. Although they do not attack people at ordinary times, they will eat people when they are very hungry. Even if you go to Motuo, there is nothing in that ghost place. There are only dozens of broken houses in the so-called county town, and things are sold very expensive. Chivalrous Song has only been to Motuo once, or a few years ago, when he was on a mission, he flew directly over all the mountains in the "Black Hawk" helicopter of the Snowfield Training Camp of the Fifth Special Forces. Two days later, a Beijing jeep wearing a chivalrous song and Yang Zhenbang entered Bomi from Lhasa. From here to Motuo, the distance on the map was only more than 90 kilometers. After asking the Bomi Highway Bureau, the other party gave a positive answer: "It was open to traffic a week ago. According to the weather forecast, it will snow at any time in the next few days. Once the mountain is blocked by heavy snow, It will be trapped in it for more than half a year, and it will not be possible to come out until March of the next year. And do you know who the residents of Motuo County are? They are all Menba people! After hearing these words, the driver refused to start again anyway. Chivalrous Song said nonchalantly, "It's just a snowbound mountain. What's the big deal? It's a big deal to find a military helicopter to pick us up from here!" "Impossible!" The driver shook his head desperately. "There used to be eight helicopters in Tibet, but now there are few. Two of them fell down in Motuo.". Back then, they were using a helicopter to transport money, and the plane blew up right over the Doshonla Pass in the Himalayas. Now they all use cars to pull them, or simply hire migrant workers to carry them inside. If the mountain is really snowed in, I can only put the car there, and then find a guide to take us out, expecting the army to send a helicopter to pick us up, absolutely impossible! Chivalrous Song patted the driver on the shoulder and said, "You don't have to worry about this.." "Well..!" Behind him suddenly came the sound of Yang Zhenbang's cough, without asking Chivalrous Song, Yang Zhenbang was reminding him. Don't use the privilege. Chivalrous Song's hand stiffened on the driver's shoulder, facing the driver's strange eyes, Chivalrous Song squeezed out an embarrassed smile: "If not, let's forget it." But Chivalrous Song didn't give up in the end. Because of Yang Zhenbang's insistence, Yang Zhenbang sang to the swordsman: "The road has only been open for less than a year, but the army has been stationed there for more than 30 years.". Without a road, they can only sit and wait for death, right? And you, without the privilege, without the'helicopter 'in your mouth, is there no way but to surrender?! The driver kept saying, "Crazy!"! Lunatic! Lunatic In the middle of the sound. Chivalrous Song wrapped Yang Zhenbang firmly in a warm sleeping bag, and then carried Yang Zhenbang and a large number of necessary equipment for hiking on the plateau on his shoulders. Chivalrous Song asked the driver to send them to Pai Township in Milin County. From here to Motuo, it only takes three days for most people to walk. Chivalrous Song wrapped Yang Zhenbang tightly in a sleeping bag, plus a full hundred catties of nourishment and life-support equipment. Plus a set of small tents and heating equipment, Chivalrous Song actually carried a load of nearly three hundred pounds on his body! Put these things together with Yang Zhenbang back to the body, now the chivalrous song is not as abnormal as the human camel Xia Houguang River,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but carrying a hill, but also can walk like flying, also enough to see everyone stunned. Hold on 。 stargrace-magnesite.com