A thousand mountains

However, they may not all follow the rules.". I'll do it, and when it's done,


This matter is Xie Mo Tathagata to do, Xie Mo Ru did not directly come forward, but through Su Buyu's wife Qi Shi with Su Buyu consultation, Qi family has long been with the five princes, naturally also looking forward to Mu yuan Di can recover. Moreover, with the family status of the Su family, if he was ill in the past, it would be absolutely no problem to invite a good doctor in the hospital. But recently, Mu yuandi has not been healthy, the princes are in the palace to serve the disease, the hospital doctor in the palace can not come out, even to the Su family can not invite a good doctor. The doctor in the city, and the doctor is always worse than the general way, Qi Shi is a safe man, did not directly take the prescription to go, but personally copied again to take home. Su Buyu looked at the prescription, asked the doctor to ask once, several doctors considered the prescription, even if it is not good to eat, it will never eat people bad. Better, in fact, than the city doctor. If another doctor, the host family let him see the prescription of others,filter nozzle, must not be happy, but the power of the Su family, this doctor naturally can not but be happy. Besides, the original prescription is also good. The doctor made a slight increase or decrease and ordered Su Xiang to take it. Xie Moru summoned Jiang Xingyun at the same time and ordered her to keep an eye on the Dou family. Emperor Muyuan's chief physician has always been Dou Taiyi, to see if there is anything unusual about Dou's family. Jiang Xingyun said, "I have been ordered to keep an eye on the Dou family, Dou Taiyi for the hospital, and the East Palace is not close.". The East Palace has always been used by the Imperial Hospital to judge Chen Taiyi. Even the Chen family, I also checked carefully,MBR reactor, and there was nothing suspicious. Xie Moru frowned. "Where is the Department of Internal Affairs?" "It's hard to find out. After all, there are too many things for use. There are only a few hundred people in the Department of Internal Affairs who are exclusively for Your Majesty. Here, there are many places that may be manipulated." Xie Moru said, "I'll do it." Jiro served in the Department of Internal Affairs, which had never been managed by a prince. Jiro, the grandson of the emperor, was the first member of the royal family to be parachuted into the Department of Internal Affairs. Xie Moru also need not Jiro to do anything cautious, but Jiro can still get access to the list of personnel in the Department of Internal Affairs. You know, in the Department of Internal Affairs, the imperial library for Emperor Muyuan was put forward separately, which was dedicated to the use of Emperor Muyuan. Xie Moru asked Erlang to check how many personnel had been transferred in the imperial library in the past year. Jiro was quite efficient in doing things, and he got back the list on the same day, including his name and place of origin. At present, we can see the accumulation of connections in Prince Min's mansion. It took only three days to find out these people, but the results were not very optimistic. In the past year, only five people came in as substitutes for the Imperial Treasury. The most suspicious one was a craftsman who made spices. He was transferred to the Imperial Treasury a year ago. Half a month ago, wall penstocks ,lamella tube, because of his mother's death, he resigned and returned to his hometown to observe filial piety. Originally, he was a craftsman who made a living in the imperial capital, but when he went to check his residence, his family disappeared. Xie Moru went to the palace to find Empress Su and asked how many palace attendants were sick and what they were doing. Empress Su, after all, is the head of a palace. It is necessary to inform Empress Su when someone in the palace changes hands. Empress Su ordered to fetch the book and show it to Xie Moru. Xie Moru saw that the Chamberlain who changed spices in front of the emperor was also ill and moved away. When Xie Mo Ru ordered people to find the little Chamberlain, the little Chamberlain did not survive the disease and died. Xie Mo asked like Queen Su, "I wonder what spices your majesty likes to use at night?" Empress Su frowned slightly, as if she had thought of something. She looked at her daughter-in-law and told her truthfully, "Your Majesty has always preferred the fragrance of hibiscus." Xie Mo Ru thought a little and said quietly to Empress Su, "This matter still needs to be discussed quietly with the long princess." Empress Su naturally answered. To say that in this world, such as Xie Mo, such as Empress Su, is mainly the interests of the present and Mu yuan Di consistent, naturally looking forward to Mu yuan Di alive. However, such as Wen Kangchang Princess, in addition to the interests, and Mu yuan Di's brother-sister relationship is also there. Xie Moru told Princess Wen Kangchang about the verification in private. Princess Wen Kangchang's face suddenly darkened. Xie Moru said, "I'm not sure yet, but Your Majesty's illness is really unclear.". Said to be epidemic disease, your majesty but all the food, clothing, shelter and transportation, all unclean. Even those who serve around them, who are slightly uncomfortable, cannot get close to the emperor. How can you catch a disease? I couldn't believe it, so I ordered someone to check it. ” As a princess, Princess Wenkang is full of style, but when it comes to wisdom and means, Princess Wenkang thinks she is no better than Xie Moru. For example, this matter was found out by Xie Moru. Princess Wen Kangchang did not doubt Xie Moru's intentions. Anyway, Xie Moru would not expect her brother to have an accident. Princess Wen Kangchang said, "What do you want to do?" Xie Moru said, "Change out the hibiscus fragrance from Your Majesty, but don't be noticed." Princess Wen Kangchang sighed, "There are rules in the palace. If the Chamberlain who serves the tea is ill, all the tea he handles will be destroyed and can no longer be drunk by Your Majesty.". The Chamberlain who served His Majesty with incense was ill and moved out. I'm afraid the remaining incense in his hand has already been destroyed. Wen Kangchang Princess Dai frowned and said to Xie Moru, "However, they may not all follow the rules.". I'll do it, and when it's done, I'll give you the letter. Xie Moru answered. Princess Wen Kangchang has been in the palace for many years and has her own way. However, this matter has not yet been found out, and another incident broke out in the court. The loyal and brave uncle killed the side room given by your majesty, and the imperial censor was in charge of the court. The prince was furious and said, "Such tyrannical people who fail to live up to the emperor's grace will not be disposed of today, and it will be difficult to calm the anger of the people." Although the concubine was given by Emperor Mu yuan, there was no reason in the world to dispose of the count for a concubine, so someone suggested, "It's better to make the loyal and brave uncle wake up behind closed doors." The prince said, "How important it is for the imperial guard to send an envoy. Uncle Zhongyong can't leave his post easily." Some people continue to suggest that "for the time being,Belt Filter Press, his deputy can be asked to collect it on his behalf." Prince Yun. Chapter 325 seize the throne of 28. Zhong Yongbo tortured and killed the side room. This thing is not too big or too small. But at this critical moment, Zhong Yongbo lost the job of the imperial guards, which was really a bit delicate. khnwatertreatment.com