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Both husband and wife tacitly put the original problem aside and worked together to take care of their daughter first.


Both husband and wife tacitly put the original problem aside and worked together to take care of their daughter first. As for what to do after leaving the hospital, Fang Xiaowei did not say, but Chen Keming planned a beautiful blueprint. First, they had a big meal to celebrate the discharge, then satisfied some of their daughter's wishes, and finally found a time for the whole family to relax. Chen Leyou took the opportunity to offer to buy the Nitendo Wii (Nintendo), which she had coveted for a long time. Previously, Fang Xiaowei had always disagreed. She felt that she had too many distractions. She was afraid that she would only play games and forget to study, so she never relented and said she would buy it. Chen Leyou took advantage of the situation and asked his father to buy it. Chen Keming also agreed. Chen Leyou was so happy that he almost jumped out of bed. He said foolishly, "It's good to be sick!"! Mom and Dad are all around me, and I really want to get sick more times. Looking at Chen Leyou's heartless smiling face, Chen Keming also laughed happily. The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentional. Fang Xiaowei listened to her daughter's words, although also laughed at her childishness, but the heart has a different taste in the heart, she can not help but think about her daughter's feelings. When parents quarrel, the victims are actually their children. Chen Leyou is just an ordinary girl. Although she is a little more sunny and intelligent than other children, she is essentially a child who has not grown up. When she sees her parents'discord, she will also have worries, fears and sadness. Fang Xiaowei remembered that when she was young,collapsible pallet bin, her parents always quarreled over trivial things and fought at every turn. She took her younger brother and sister to shrink in the inner room and lived in fear. Fang Xiaowei sighed secretly in her heart. For her daughter, she did not want history to repeat itself. Chen Leyou will be discharged from the hospital in one day. Chen Keming has already decided on all kinds of arrangements after returning home. Fang Xiaowei has no objection. So Chen Keming knew that Fang Xiaowei had agreed to go home, and he was relieved. To tell the truth, after these two weeks of internal and external attacks, Chen Keming was simply exhausted. During the day, he had to deal with the tax officials who came to audit the accounts. At night, he had to pretend to be 25 filial piety and talk and laugh in front of his daughter. When he got home, he also had to face his old mother's face,drum spill pallet, which was getting longer and longer like frost. Chen Keming felt that he was almost schizophrenic. He fully realized that family harmony can make everything prosperous, everything should pay attention to a balance, the relationship between wife and mother should be balanced, the relationship between work and life should be balanced, and the relationship between subordinates and subordinates should be balanced.. Once the balance is broken, the losses are limitless. Chen Keming quickly sent away his mother, he can't imagine Fang Xiaowei home and the old mother Mars hit the earth, in order to avoid this kind of disaster, he only let one party temporarily avoid, of course, when the old mother left or took away Chen Keming's promise, for the old lady Chen put forward to give 100,000 to Xiaowu to go to key high school, Chen Keming firmly disagreed this time. He knew too well what kind of virtue his nephew was. He was not the material for study at all. He spent most of the semester in the Internet bar, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, fighting, chasing girlfriends, and running away from home at every turn. The 100,000 yuan was wasted. Ignoring the old lady's complaint, he proposed a compromise plan -- he paid for Xiaowu to go to a vocational school to learn a skill, so that he could have a skill in the future, and at least he could get his own job. Otherwise, if Chen Kefen and his wife did not take good care of their children all day, they would only push him here if something happened, and he would not want to take care of them in the future. Old Mrs. Chen saw that her son showed no signs of loosening this time, so she had to promise. Fang Xiaowei has gone, she has no object of torture, living here is tasteless, the servant Xiaoxia at home does not listen to her command, let Xiaoxia do something, she is either silent, or excuse to say: "Auntie said so.". That's what my aunt told me to do, and then what to do. Xiaoxia mouth aunt long aunt short, the implication is that Fang Xiaowei is the hostess of the family, old lady Chen listened to the heart are angry. When Mrs. Chen was in the countryside, she heard people who came back from work talking about being a nanny. In her impression, the nannies in the city were particularly hateful. Some casually took things from their hosts to sell, some cheated and did not work well, and some wasted things lavishly. Therefore, when Xiaoxia was working, Chen's mother stared at her every move with a pair of alert eyes. Sometimes she went over to see what she was doing. Several times, she suddenly appeared and spoke quietly behind Xiaoxia, almost scaring Xiaoxia to death. Xiaoxia went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. As soon as she went out, the old lady followed her. She just needed to take a small book to write down what she had bought and how much the price was. When she came home, Xiaoxia had to report everything. As small as 15 cents, she had to haggle over every ounce to see if she had reported the embezzlement of vegetable money. Xiaoxia actually in the old lady Chen first time when the corner of the eye swept to her sneaky shadow, secretly funny in the heart, but also for Fang Xiaowei hold injustice, how such a good person stand on such an evil mother-in-law? She had the intention to cure this annoying old woman. She deliberately wandered around the big vegetable market. After buying vegetables, she went to see the fresh food. After buying the fresh food, she went to see the fruit. After buying the fruit, she returned to the vegetable market to pick up a handful of onions, and then went back to buy a fish. She also specially picked up the expensive ones. After shopping in the vegetable market, she also went to the supermarket, which made Mrs. Chen dizzy; Halfway to see acquaintances Xiaoxia also deliberately stopped to chat, opening and closing their mouths are "I heard there is an old lady.." Pointing to mulberry and scolding Huai to speak ill of Mrs. Chen, but not naming names, Mrs. Chen was so angry that she felt chest tightness and asthma. Mrs. Chen clamored for her son to fire her, and Xiaoxia said plausibly that she had signed a contract to take up her post, and that she had to pay three times the compensation if she was fired without fault. As soon as Mrs. Chen heard that she was going to lose money,plastic pallet price, she immediately felt distressed. Although she asked her son for thousands of yuan, she felt distressed if she gave it to someone else, even if it was one yuan. The dismissal had to be settled.