Immortal and Demon Robbery

Some are like immortals, clean and proud, but the legendary immortals are not all benevolent and full of compassion.


Some are like immortals, clean and proud, but the legendary immortals are not all benevolent and full of compassion. Is there really such a cold and heartless immortal in the world? If it is a demon, it is even more unlike, where in the world is such a demon? The next morning, when the safe and sound Lianyu pushed the door open, he was stunned again. Hanhua, dressed in white and flying, is standing on the huge stone in the lake, with his hands behind his back. He hasn't left yet? Lian Yu was in a daze, then greeted with a smile: "Good morning!"! Sir I do not know whether I did not hear or intentionally, Hanhua still stood motionless. Even Yu did not bother and began the day's activities. The seeds given by Hanhua are like exotic products, which are not afraid of the cold and grow rapidly like snow lotus. But in just a few months, it has grown into a new green, and even has a small variety of buds. Take small spoons of lake water and water them. Lian Yu's face always has a faint smile, he is dressed in white, in the sun, unexpectedly also has a bit of birth posture. And Hanhua, always back to him, head up to the sky,saw palmetto extract, I do not know what to think. After noon, Lian Yu took out the guqin from the room, sat down at random on the steps in front of the house, put it on his knee, tried the sound, and began to play. The melody is clear and graceful, and Lianyu's piano skill is quite famous. It plays like a sunny spring day,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, with arms swimming together, and like spring returning to the earth, all things recover, which makes people feel happy. A touch of string, from work to feather, the end of the song. This song, Lian Yu himself is also very satisfied. As soon as he looked up, Hanhua's cold face was close at hand. He was startled and let go of the harp. Hanhua raised his foot, and the harp fell back into his lap. Thank you very much Lian Yu said with some shock. Hanhua frowned. Is it the sound of my piano that disturbs my husband's peace? Knowing that this was an expression of his displeasure, Lian Yu hurriedly made amends: "My skill at the piano was so clumsy that I played it at random. I was really ashamed of myself." Clumsy? Although he is not good at music, he can tell whether he is clumsy or not. As far as I can remember, the flow of happy immortals in heaven is just so so. What's your name He was interested, for the first time in his life, coldly interested in an unnecessary existence. My surname is Lian, carnosic acid price ,lycopene for skin, my given name is Yu, and my word is flawless. Lian Yu put down the harp and stood up, always answering meekly. Lian Yu. He read it lightly. The two men stood very close, and for the first time Lianyu looked at Hanhua so closely, only to feel that his complexion was as white as snow, his hair was as black as ink, and his facial features were indescribably cold and handsome. Not only does his face look as cold as ice, but there is really a faint smell of ice and snow on his body. His heart was shocked by the slightly darker pupils in his eyes. This Hanhua is really very ruthless, that eyes in addition to the cold, there is no emotion. He was so tall that he stood on a step and was barely as tall as him. If he stood side by side, wouldn't he be nearly half a head shorter? Even if the same man, also can not help but sigh, the world really has such a perfect person existence ah! But what is he looking at. How can you turn into staring at yourself? "I can't figure out." Hanhua whispered, confused. The wind blew and wrinkled the clear water mirror. Strange. It's really strange. Thinking of this, he couldn't help looking at the huge stone in the middle of the lake. Sure enough, the white shadow was still standing quietly on it. It's been ten days, and Hanhua has been standing on it every day for ten days. No, it should be said that the carving has never left the stone, and it seems to be integrated with the stone. Ever since he had asked his name that day, he had kept that posture, as if there was a big problem in his heart that could not be solved. Lian Yu shook his head with a wry smile and secretly blamed himself for meddling too much. The corner of the eye suddenly felt the white shadow move, so he couldn't help looking back. In an instant, the figure was empty, leaving the huge stone. He's gone! Lian Yu smiled and bowed his head to continue taking care of the flowers and plants. Who are you? Lian Yu was startled, and the water spoon in his hand fell to the ground. It's not his fault. Anyone who lives alone for so long will be frightened to hear a strange voice. He looked up and was stunned again. The voice was so clear and beautiful that I knew it was a woman. Can not expect, will be such a beautiful woman, Ji Furong is already a beautiful woman, can be compared with her, abruptly inferior to a few points. Not inferior appearance, but the kind of proud temperament, if the season hibiscus like peony luxury, this woman is Leng Ao Hanmei, a good pair of jade bone ice muscle, a good fairy beauty. Yes! Feel familiar, is this kind of coldness and arrogance from the bone, unexpectedly and Hanhua somewhat similar ah! "Under Lianyu." Although I don't know where she came from, her appearance seems to have something to do with Hanhua. Is the young lady here to visit Mr. Hanhua? The woman did not speak, but looked him up and down. That look is very thought-provoking. My husband has just left, and I don't know where to go. "Who are you?" She still asked. In Xialianyu, for some reason, I will stay here for a few days. "Did he say when he would be back?" Lian Yu shook his head with a smile. The woman frowned, apparently dissatisfied with the answer. Are you mortal? "Yes." Do you know who he and I are? What is this place? Lian Yu still shook his head. The woman's graceful line of brows frowned tighter and tighter. Did you ask him? Lian Yu nodded and said, "Sir, I didn't answer. I don't think I want to know." "I can tell you." "Thank you for your kindness,naringenin price, but I'd better not listen." "Why?" "Since you don't want me to know, it's not good for me to know." "What a mealy-mouthed mortal!" His attitude made the woman a little angry. I don't know when to offend the young lady? Lian Yu doesn't know why. The woman snorted coldly and looked strange. Hold the lamp! Lian Yu looked sideways and found that Hanhua was already standing beside him. "I have seen the immortal in the lamp." As soon as the woman's expression was restrained, Yingying made a salute.