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Engineers who want their New Zealand skilled migration need to go through the process of knowledge assessment. Engineering New Zealand, the professional body in New Zealand organizes knowledge assessment to assess the qualification of candidates in two different sections. If you have graduated from a university that is accredited by Washington Accord, you will need to submit a KA01 report; and if your qualification is not accredited by Washington Accord, you will need to provide a KA02 report to Engineering New Zealand report. Through a KA02 Assessment Engineering New Zealand, you need to demonstrate that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge that is accredited to the Washington accord.

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The Process Of Making KA02 Knowledge Assessment For Engineering New Zealand

Stage 1: To frame a successful KA02 For New Zealand Immigration report, you need to demonstrate your knowledge efficiently. You need to categorize your knowledge into eight different areas that are called elements. And to support the elements, you need to provide the proper evidence such as:

  • Submit your academic transcripts for all engineering qualifications.
  • Submit a PDF file for each qualification that gives a brief description of the content of each paper of the qualification and it is suggested to write in 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Submit a total of four work samples to demonstrate the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, you should submit a limited number of PDF files no more than three in total.
  • In the commentary of these elements, write short notes on any other work or study experiences that include your knowledge of the element. It is suggested to write two or three paragraphs for each element.
  • Also, give brief notes to address the performance indicators for each element.

Stage 2: After completing your application, you should submit it to the Engineering New Zealand team for validation. One of the competencies of KA02 Assessment advisors will examine the information that you have provided and will give you feedback within 10 working days. They will also give you a chance to make any changes before you submit your application.

Stage 3: Once your application is finalized, an assessor will be assigned to you. They will assess and evaluate your application over eight to ten weeks and may try to contact you to take some additional information or ask for a video meeting.

Stage 4: They will let you know the outcome of your application through the mail. If you succeeded, you can complete a chartered assessment for chartered Membership or CPEng.

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